Who created objection LOL?

Who created objection LOL?

Objection. lol is a video-making website that allows people to make conversations in the format of Ace Attorney debates. The website was created by Twitter user HappySylveon in April of 2019.

Where does the objection meme come from?

Origin. “OBJECTION!” is shoutout from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series, which is commonly used by various lawyers and prosecutors throughout series. Usually player can hear it when presenting evidence during Cross-Examination sequence of games accompanied with audio clip.

What engine does Ace Attorney use?

PyWright is a game engine and scripting language allowing for the creation of games in the same style as the Phoenix Wright or Ace Attourney series of games made by capcom for the Nintendo GBA and DS.

What is Ace Attorney Online?

Attorney Online, abbreviated AO, is a roleplaying chatroom based primarily in the Ace Attorney universe. Sporting hundreds of player-made characters, court cases and abstract roleplays, AO has been a tight-knit community for well over 5 years.

How do you make an objection?

The process of making an objection is twofold: First, an attorney must be paying close attention to what questions are being asked, and what answers are being given. If the attorney hears something that is objectionable, they must then make a split second decision on whether or not to object.

Who voiced Phoenix Wright?

Yuki KajiAce Attorney
Eric ValeAce Attorney
Phoenix Wright/Voiced by

Phoenix appears as the lead character of the 2016 Ace Attorney anime series, which adapts the events of the first three games in the series over two seasons. He is voiced by YĆ«ki Kaji in Japanese and Eric Vale in English.

Why does Phoenix Wright have Heterochromia?

As Ace Attorney moved onto the Nintendo DS, then onto the 3DS, and Wii, the Nintendo console (and Wii) offered more memory usage in the cards (and disc). This meant, in later games, Phoenix was given those blue eyes some of the Udon artists had always wanted to give him!

Can You Make your own Phoenix Wright case?

PHOENIX WRIGHT: ACE ATTORNEY FANSITE. PWLib, developed by KSA Technology, uses AIGE to allow you to create own Phoenix Wright cases. You can enter your own custom characters, cross examine, present evidence, even hunt around your own crafted crime scenes! Because PWLib is a more advanced case maker, it is a bit complex to work with.

What’s the latest version of Phoenix Wright’s Turnabout substitution?

One notable PyWright case is Turnabout Substitution . The last official version is 0.988. There are two forks. The E.D.Revolution unofficial 0.989 version, which came bundled with his own Mia Fey: Ace Spirit Attorney and rofpa’s final release of Phoenix Wright: Conflict of Interest.

What version of pywright case is currently in use?

The unofficial 0.989 release is currently being used by the majority of PyWright case authors. Attorney Online is a multiplayer chat game in the style of the Ace Attorney series.

What is pywright?

PyWright is a casemaker made by saluk and programmed in Python. Originally, cases made with PyWright had one screen like the Game Boy Advance games, and this feature remains as an alternate viewing mode. One notable PyWright case is Turnabout Substitution .

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