Are ideal implants saline?

Are ideal implants saline?

The IDEAL IMPLANT Structured Breast Implant is the latest implant technology designed by a plastic surgeon to give women the best of both worlds—the beautiful look and natural feel they want, with the safety of only saline inside.

Are ideal implants better than silicone?

Silicone implants provide a softer, more natural feel and beautiful shape, but the body can’t absorb silicone leaks. With Ideal Implants, women no longer have to choose. The implants are filled with saline and contain no silicone gel, but they can still hold their shape and feel natural to the touch.

Do ideal implants feel natural?

As with silicone gel, it has a natural feel, but without the risk of silent rupture and U.S. Food and Drug Administration–recommended magnetic resonance imaging scans—women can simply look in the mirror and know their implants are intact.

How long do ideal implants last?

With the Ideal Implant, because it’s filled with saline, which is just salt water, you don’t have to worry about MRI’s and you save on that additional cost. If it breaks it’s not dangerous to you. Because of that, you don’t have to replace the Ideal Implant every 10 years, you can keep going as long as they do.”

How do ideal implants feel?

The Ideal® implant is a saline implant that looks and feels a lot like silicone but because the fill material is saline, they deflate when ruptured.

Is saline implant better than silicone?

Both types of implants have a distinct feel to them once they are placed. Silicone implants have been curated to feel more like the actual natural breast, and are soft to touch. Saline implants on the other hand are usually firmer, but in cases of a rupture, the saline solution can be safely absorbed by the body.

Are ideal implants safer?

Safety. Not only do Ideal implants have a very low rupture rate, they have been designed as the safest option for breast implants today. Saline is much safer than silicone and with the way the Ideal implants are designed, you know your breasts will feel similar to natural tissue. Ideal implants are FDA-approved!

What is the ideal implant made of?

The IDEAL IMPLANT consists of a series of silicone shells surrounding a structured, baffled saline core. This unique design provides the lasting shape and soft touch of silicone, with the superior safety profile of saline.

What is the safest breast implant on the market?

Both saline and silicone implants are generally considered safe if your breast augmentation surgery is performed by a reputable, board certified surgeon. Some believe that saline implants are safer because if the implant ruptures, most of the salt water will reabsorb into the body.

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