Can I get a GCSE online?

Can I get a GCSE online?

Our online GCSEs are industry standard qualifications, the same as those studied in schools and colleges across the UK. Choosing to take GCSEs via distance learning means you can gain a qualification whilst studying from home, at your own pace. We can even book your exams!

Can I study GCSE at college?

Several colleges provide full two-year GCSE courses and almost all colleges provide intensive courses covering GCSE in a year. Although you must take all parts of the GCSE exam at the end of the course, this does not make one-year GCSEs any tougher.

Can you do GCSEs at any age?

GCSEs are the main qualification taken by 14 to 16-year-olds, but are available to anyone of any age. You can take GCSEs in a wide range of academic and ‘applied’ or work-related subjects at school or your local Further Education (FE) college.

Can you sit GCSE as an adult?

GCSEs are usually studied full time, taking two years to complete, however adult learners can take evening classes or teach themselves. Short course GCSEs are also available in selected subjects. There are no formal entry requirements and no age limits for GCSEs.

How much does GCSE cost?

As a GCSE student studying in-person through a sixth-form or college, you can expect to pay tuition fees of £8000 or more for your GCSE course. Alternatively, online GCSE qualifications are often more affordable and range from between £285 to £429 per course.

Can I study GCSE at home?

Studying from home is a flexible way of gaining a recognised qualification. You’d be able study at times that suit you – just think about how much easier studying a GCSE could be if you weren’t tied down to set hours and could still do what you want, when you want – study your course when you want to.

Are there any free courses for adults at Newcastle College?

Newcastle College has announced its plans to offer free courses for adults under the new Lifetime Skills Guarantee. Sign up now to study a free short course for adults. ‘Get Into’ is a new suite of short courses at Newcastle College that have been developed in response to local job opportunities.

Why choose new Newcastle College?

Newcastle College has a wide range of full-time, part time and online learning courses on offer this year to help get more adults back into education. We offer a wide range of professional courses to help you advance at work and get qualified. We also offer short hobby courses for you to have fun with friends and learn new skills.

What’s new in GCSE English and Maths?

In maths, new underpinning and problem solving questions are being introduced and, for the first time, there are calculator and non-calculator papers at all levels. In English, dictionaries and spell checkers are no longer allowed on writing papers as there is a bigger emphasis on spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Are English and maths courses free?

English and maths courses up to and including Level 2 are free of charge, and lead to nationally recognised qualifications. For further information please contact the Skills for Life team by phoning 0191 2782818 or email [email protected]

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