How is Occitan different from French?

How is Occitan different from French?

Unlike other Romance languages such as French or Spanish, there is no single written standard language called “Occitan”, and Occitan has no official status in France, home to most of Occitania.

Is Occitan spoken in Spain?

The Occitan language is one of the official languages in Catalonia, but the region where it is spoken straddles southern France, Italy, and Spain.

What languages does the Spanish state contribute to the European linguistic variety *?

Catalan / Valencian / Balearic. Galician. Basque. Aranese.

Where is Occitan spoken in France?

Occitan is a language that is spoken across the Occitania region — mainly in southern France but also in northern Spain, in Monaco (and along the French Riviera towards Marseille) and also in the Occitan Valleys in Italy.

Where is Occitan still spoken?

southern France
Although many people have not heard of Occitan, also known as Langue d’Oc, it’s one of several Romance languages that evolved from vernacular Latin, and is still spoken in six major dialects across southern France as well as parts of north-western Italy and northern Spain.

What language is spoken in Avignon?

In the mid-19th century a literary Renaissance, led by the Félibrige and based on the dialect of the Arles-Avignon region, lent new lustre to Occitan, and a modern standard dialect was established.

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