Is Jorgen Von Strangle a fairy?

Is Jorgen Von Strangle a fairy?

Jorgen Von Strangle is a major character in The Fairly OddParents!. He is known by Timmy as the Fairy who enforces “Da Rules.” He is the strongest Fairy that exists in Fairy World and is the boss or commander of all fairies, including Anti-Fairies which we see he guards in prison.

Why does Jorgen Von Strangle not have wings?

Like a fairy’s wand and crown, they are an identifier for whether or not a character is a fairy, although Jorgen notably does not have wings because he does not consider them manly and uses a jetpack to fly instead.

Who is Jorgen Von Strangle based on?

Arnold Schwarzenegger
The in-universe explanation given on the show to Timmy’s pink hat is that Timmy’s parents were expecting to have a daughter so they bought all pink clothes, including one pink hat. The April Fool character is based on comedian Jerry Seinfeld. Jorgon Von Strangle is based on Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Is Cosmo a Von Strangle?

Cosmo and Jorgen Von Strangle In “Cosmo Rules”, Cosmo learns that he is Jorgen Von Strangle’s first cousin. Cosmo, along with Wanda and Binky, being flattened by Jorgen.

Does Jorgen Von Strangle have a godchild?

The Zappys! Winston is Jorgen Von Strangle and the Tooth Fairy’s godchild.

Is Jorgen Von Strangle married to the Tooth Fairy?

The Tooth Fairy is, compared to most fairies, a tall fairy from Fairy World who is in charge of teeth-related wishes. She is also the wife of Jorgen Von Strangle.

How old is Jorgen Von Strangle in Fairly Odd Parents?

Jorgen Von Strangle
Species: Fairies
Age: Immortal (In human years) 48 (In fairy years)
Hair color: Purple (younger)
Eye color: Steel Blue

Who does the voice of Jorgen Von Strangle?

Daran NorrisJorgen Von Strangle / Voiced by
Daran Norris is the voice of Jorgen Von Strangle in The Fairly OddParents.

Is there an anti Jorgen?

Anti-Jorgen Von Anti-Strangle is the Anti-Fairy counterpart of Jorgen Von Strangle. Since Jorgen Von Strangle is the leader of the Fairies and the toughest fairy in the universe, Anti-Jorgen is more than likely the weakest anti-fairy in the universe.

Who voices Jorgen Von Strangle in Fairly Odd Parents?

Mark GibbonJorgen Von Strangle / Voiced by

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