What is a good quote for bravery?

What is a good quote for bravery?

15 Courageous Quotes to Spark Your Inner Brave

  • 3. “ It is courage, courage, courage, that raises the blood of life to crimson splendor.
  • 6. “ You can choose courage, or you can choose comfort, but you cannot choose both.”
  • 9. “ Be brave.
  • 11. “ The most courageous act is still to think for yourself.
  • 13. “

How do you praise someone brave?

You are brave. You are beautiful on the inside and outside. You have the courage of your convictions. You’re a great listener.

How do you wish someone courage?

I wish you the gift of courage to make difficult decisions. Courage to pursue a road less traveled if it is where you need to go at this point in time. Courage to submerge yourself in sadness without hesitation when your soul requires it.

Do brave things quote?

We become just by doing just acts, temperate by doing temperate acts, brave by doing brave acts. Being brave isn’t the absence of fear. Being brave is having that fear but finding a way through it. Forgiveness is a virtue of the brave.

What brave you are?

Brave people aren’t afraid of vulnerability and honesty.

  • Bravery is the act of being courageous enough to be authentic to everyone you meet.
  • When you’re brave, you know what kind of life you want for yourself, whether everyone else approves of that decision.
  • If you want to be brave, you need to face your fears head-on.

What inspires you to be brave?

Inspiring courage: It takes courage to say, “I’m afraid.” Naming fear is the beginning to defeating it. Elevate courage by acknowledging your own fears. An occasional acknowledgement of your fear opens a window on your courage. Danger, too much acknowledgment makes others fearful.

Who said bravery is not the absence of fear?

According to a quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt, “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the assessment that something else is more important than fear.”

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