What is equity definition quizlet?

What is equity definition quizlet?

Equity. refers to fairness in economics, while equality means minimising the disparities in income and wealth among a nation’s household. Ultimately promotes greater equality in income distribution. Equality.

What is social equity quizlet?

Social Equity. -Similar to fairness, equality, inalienable rights, integrity, advantage, rights, and justice. -Perspectives are influenced by personal opinions.

What is the difference between equality and equity quizlet?

What is the difference between equality and equity? Equity is giving everyone what they need to be successful. Equality is treating everyone the same. Equality aims to promote fairness, but may only work if everyone starts from the same place & needs the same help.

What is the law of equity quizlet?

Equity Law. Law created by judges to apply general principles of ethics and fairness, rather than specific legal rules, to determine the proper remedy for legal harm.

What are the equities?

Equities are shares issued by a company which represent ownership in the company. Ownership of property, usually in the form of common stocks, as distinguished from fixed-income securities such as bonds or mortgages. Stock funds may vary depending on the fund’s investment objective.

What is the relationship between equality and justice quizlet?

Equality is when fairness and justice are promoted by giving everyone the same thing.

What is an example of an action in equity quizlet?

A. An action in equity is when a plaintiff is seeking monetary damages; there is a right to a jury trial.

What is the difference between law and equity quizlet?

What is the difference between remedies at law and in equity? Remedies at law are limited to payments of money or property (including land) as damages. Remedies in equity is available only when there is no adequate remedy at law.

What is equities in simple words?

Equity is the amount of capital invested or owned by the owner of a company. The equity is evaluated by the difference between liabilities and assets recorded on the balance sheet of a company.

What is equity example?

Equity is the ownership of any asset after any liabilities associated with the asset are cleared. For example, if you own a car worth $25,000, but you owe $10,000 on that vehicle, the car represents $15,000 equity.

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