What is Khujand known for?

What is Khujand known for?

Khujand is considered a key city because of its location on the Great Silk Road connecting Samarkand with the Fergana valley, thus offering a perfect staging post. As history moved on and Khujand’s importance grew, it was captured by the Arabs of the Umayyad Caliphate early in the 8th century.

Where is Khujand situated?

Khujand, also spelled Khudzhand, Khodzhent, Khohand, or Chucand, formerly (1936–90) Leninabad, city, northwestern Tajikistan. The city lies along both banks of the Syr Darya (river) at the entrance to the fertile and heavily populated Fergana Valley.

What is the most populated city in Tajikistan?

The largest city in Tajikistan is Dushanbe, with a population of people….Population.

Name 2022 Population
Dushanbe 679,400
Khujand 144,865
Kulob 78,786
Qurghonteppa 65,000

Is Tajikistan a Russian ally?

Both countries are close allies and members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, the military alliance formed by the Collective Security Treaty Organization, and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Tajikistan hosts Russian military units and infrastructure in Central Asia.

Is Tajik like Russian?

Tajik is one of the two official languages of Tajikistan, the other being Russian as the official interethnic language….Tajik language.

Native speakers 8.1 million (6.4 million in Tajikistan, 2012 UNSD) (2012)

What is Khujand in Tajikistan?

It is similar to Osh in Kyrgyzstan, as Khujand is cut off from the Tajik capital Dushanbe by the Zarafshan Mountains. Culturally and geographically, Khujand remains a part of the Farghana Valley, even if national borders are now blocking the way.

What is the ethnic makeup of the city of Khujand?

Khujand is mainly inhabited by ethnic Tajiks. Results of population census carried out in 2010: Tajiks – 84%, Uzbeks – 14%, Russians – 0.4%, and others – 1.6%. Sunni Islam is a mainly practiced religion in the city.

What is the capital of Tajikistan?

Khujand – the capital of northern Tajikistan. Khujand is one of the oldest cities of Central Asia, according to some sources it was founded in the VII-VI centuries BC.

What is it like to visit Khujand?

Nowadays Khujand is the second largest city in Tajikistan and the capital of the Sughd province. It is an interesting place for those that love history and culture. For me it was the first stop in Tajikistan.

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