What is paid price?

What is paid price?

Lit. to pay the price that is asked for goods or services. (Usually implying that the price is high.) If this is the quality of goods that you require, you will have to pay the price. 2. Fig. to suffer the consequences for doing something or risking something.

What you pay meaning?

Definition of you get what you pay for —used to say that a thing that can be bought for a very low price probably isn’t very good “That cheap camera I bought is broken already.” “Well, you get what you pay for.”

What is the full meaning of price?

1a : the amount of money given or set as consideration for the sale of a specified thing. b : the quantity of one thing that is exchanged or demanded in barter or sale for another. 2 : the cost at which something is obtained … the price of freedom is restraint …— J.

Is pay the price a idiom?

to experience the bad result of something you have done: If you abuse your body now, you’ll pay the price when you’re older.

Are you willing to pay the price quotes?

“Never rate yourself too low; you will be whoever you think you can be provided you are willing to pay the price!”

Is it paid or payed?

The correct past tense of the verb pay is paid, as long as the word is used in the financial or transactional sense. If the verb pay is used in a nautical sense, the correct form is payed.

What does I’ll pay the difference mean?

It means the job salary will start about the average pay for that position or skill unless the applicant is very experienced. The position or job salary will vary (pay higher or lower) depending on how experienced the employees. So it means pay rate according to experience.

What is price and example?

1. 1. Price means the cost or the amount at which something is valued. An example of a price is $1 for three cookies.

What is meant by price and pricing?

Definition: Price is the value that is put to a product or service and is the result of a complex set of calculations, research and understanding and risk taking ability. A pricing strategy takes into account segments, ability to pay, market conditions, competitor actions, trade margins and input costs, amongst others.

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