What is Shenzhen technology?

What is Shenzhen technology?

About us. Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd. is an electrical/electronic manufacturing company based out of Building 142, Jindi Industrial Zone, Futian, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. Industries Appliances, Electrical, and Electronics Manufacturing. Company size 1-10 employees.

What products does Shenzhen make?

Shenzhen is known as “the world’s factory” because so much of our stuff is made there. In fact, Inc. reported that 90% of the world’s electronics come from Shenzhen, including toys, televisions, air conditioning units, mobile phones and drones.

How many billionaires are there in Shenzhen?


City Country Billionaires
Shenzhen China 68
Shanghai China 64
London United Kingdom 63
Mumbai India 48

What is the GDP of Shenzhen?


Shenzhen 深圳市
GDP (Nominal) 2021
– Total ¥3.07 trillion $475.42 billion
– Per Capita ¥174,629 $27,074
– Growth 6.7%

What is Shenzhen Bilian device?

What Is A Shenzhen Bilian Electronic Device? Shenzhen Bilian Electronic Co. is a component manufacturer that makes wireless communication equipment for industry leaders like Realtek and Broadcom. Their other products include ethernet switches, internal wireless routers, wireless card modules, and a whole lot more.

Why Shenzhen is the tech capital of the world?

Many know Shenzhen as the Silicon Valley of China and some even dare say it’s way more important simply because it combines software and hardware capabilities that channel the growth of economic prosperity. Major Chinese Corporations, like Huawei, are known internationally for producing innovative electronics.

What companies manufacture in Shenzhen?

Top Manufacturing Companies in Shenzhen

  • notAnotherOne. We transform your hardware IDEAS in2 PRODUCTS.
  • NOA Labs. Design | Engineer | Manufacture.
  • Idea Developments Ltd.
  • Let our team find the right match for you.
  • Titoma Manufacturing NPI Services.
  • MH Manufacturing.

Why is China copied?

In the West, copying is seen as a form of cheating or inferior imitation, but in China, it has traditionally been a significant honour for both parties when a student can finally and faultlessly reproduce a teacher’s work.

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