SYSLINUX is a family of boot loaders for Linux. Often employed as a means to boot Linux installation discs, SYSLINUX can also be used on hard disks. Prior to version 6 (introduced in 2013), it did not include an EFI version; but more recent versions include this support.

What configuration file does SYSLINUX use?

xx] SYSLINUX uses syslinux. cfg as config file name. EXTLINUX (merged into SYSLINUX as of 4.00) used extlinux. conf.

Where is syslinux cfg located?

There’s a syslinux. cfg file located in /cdrom/syslinux/.

What are the different menu systems included with SYSLINUX?

There are two menu systems included with Syslinux, the advanced menu system, and the simple menu system. The advanced menu system, written by Murali Krishnan Ganapathy, is located in the com32/cmenu/ sub-directory. It allows the user to create hierarchical sub-menus, dynamic options, check-boxes, and just about anything.

How do I use the simple menu system?

The simple menu system is based on a module located at com32/menu/vesamenu.c32 (graphical) or com32/menu/menu.c32 (text mode only). It uses the same configuration file as the regular Syslinux command line, and displays all the LABEL statements. To use the menu system, simply make sure [vesa]menu.c32 is in the appropriate location for

What is SYSLINUX config?

syslinux.cfg is a text file in either UNIX or DOS format, containing one or more of the keywords listed below. Keywords are case insensitive. Upper case is used here to indicate a word should be typed verbatim. Here is a simple example syslinux.cfg file, with one entry to boot a Linux kernel:

How do I edit the SYSLINUX menu entry?

Normally, users can press to edit the menu entry, and to return to the Syslinux command line. However, if the configuration file specifies “ALLOWOPTIONS 0”, these keys will be disabled, and if MENU MASTER PASSWD is set, they require the master password.

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