What is the difference between hamartoma and choristoma?

What is the difference between hamartoma and choristoma?

Hamartomas are an overgrowth of mature tissues that normally occur in an area of the body, but with disorganization and often with one element predominating. Choristomas on the other hand, are a mass of tissue histologically normal for a part of the body other than the one in which it is located (heterotopic/ectopic).

Is choristoma a Tumour?

A choristoma is a developmental tumor-like growth of microscopically normal tissue in an abnormal location. The most common type of oral choristoma is composed of bone, cartilage, or both.

Is dermoid cyst choristoma?

A dermoid cyst is a congenital choristoma of the orbit. A choristoma is a benign tumor consisting of histologically normal cells occurring in an abnormal location. Dermoid cysts consist of keratinized epithelium and adnexal structures such as hair follicles, sweat glands, and sebaceous glands.

Is choristoma a teratoma?

By strict definition, a mature teratoma contains all three germinal layers. 3. Choristoma: A mass of histologically normal tissue in an abnormal location.

Is endometriosis a choristoma?

Müllerian choristomas are a subset of non-müllerian choristomas found throughout the body. Histologically, endometrial-müllerianosis and endometriosis are both composed of endometrial glands and stroma, but there the similarity ends. Their pathogenesis is different.

Is a hemangioma a hamartoma?

Hemangiomas, which are hamartomas composed of vascular tissue, may appear quite large at birth but are usually left untreated unless they threaten facial structures.

What are Hamartomatous polyps?

Hamartomatous polyps are composed of the normal cellular elements of the gastrointestinal tract, but have a markedly distorted architecture. The hamartomatous polyposis syndromes are a heterogeneous group of disorders that are inherited in an autosomal-dominant manner.

What is mixed tumors?

Neoplasms with more than one cell type but arising from only one germ layer are called “mixed tumors”. The best example is the benign mixed tumor (also called pleomorphic adenoma) of salivary gland. Neoplasms with more than one cell type and arising from more than one germ layer are called teratomas.

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