What is the meaning of stiff necked people in the Bible?

What is the meaning of stiff necked people in the Bible?

God Himself gave us the label of a stiff necked people, in the 32nd chapter of Exodus. The meaning since then has involved antagonism, stubbornness, argumentative, and going into minute detail in order to distinguish our point of view from others.

What is the meaning of stiff neck?

Definition of stiff neck 1a : fibrositis of the neck muscles. b : torticollis. 2a : a proud or stubborn person : one with a haughty bearing. b : obstinacy I know thy rebellion and thy stiff neck — Deuteronomy 31:27 (Authorized Version)

Where did the term stiff neck come from?

stiff-necked (adj.) “stubborn, obstinate,” 1520s (in Tindale’s rendition of Acts vii. 51), from stiff (adj.) + neck (n.); translating Latin dura cervice in Vulgate, from Greek sklero trachelos, a literal translation from Hebrew qesheh ‘oref.

What is Spirit stubbornness?

The spirit of stubbornness is one of the spirits used by the enemy to lead people to their downfall. Do you always like to have your own way but it ends up in disaster? Do you find it hard to change and adapt even when you can see it would be helpful? Do people always say that you are stubborn?

What does uncircumcised heart mean?

Being “uncircumcised of heart” (2 Nephi 9:33). In ancient Israel, a man who was uncircumcised was breaking a covenant with God (Genesis 17:11, 14). With this understanding, what does it mean to be “uncircumcised of heart”? Lying and committing murders and whoredoms (2 Nephi 9:34–36).

How is sin described in the Bible?

According to Augustine of Hippo (354–430) sin is “a word, deed, or desire in opposition to the eternal law of God,” or as scripture states, “sin is the transgression of the law.”

How does God deal with stubbornness?

You can’t break through his stubbornness — but God can. Pray that he’ll be willing to face his problems and listen to the advice of people who care about him. Pray most of all that he will realize his need for God’s forgiveness, and humbly submit his life to Jesus.

What does being a stiff mean?

Stiff is defined as a dead body or a person who is very boring or lacking in humor or wit. An example of a stiff is the boring guy at the party who never has anything to say. An example of a stiff is a corpse.

Can virus cause stiff neck?

In addition to fever, vomiting, and sensitivity to light, a stiff neck can be a sign of a simple viral infection, such as the flu.

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