Why is my book not showing up in my Kindle?

Why is my book not showing up in my Kindle?

Make sure that your app is registered to the correct Amazon account. If you have multiple accounts, your book may have been purchased from a different account. Deregister and reregister the app. Uninstall and reinstall your Kindle app.

How do I find my purchased Kindle books?

  1. Click on “Your Account”
  2. Click on “Manage Your Content and Devices.”
  3. Select “Books” and “All” on the webpage. Every book you’ve ever purchased will appear here.

Why hasn’t my Amazon book downloaded to my Kindle?

Check the status of your wireless connection. If your device is not connected to a wireless network, you cannot shop, buy or download content, or sync your device. If you are trying to sync Kindle or Audiobook content, verify that Whispersync is enabled.

How do I redownload books purchased on Kindle?

Your Kindle will redownload the book immediately.

  1. Press the “Home” button, if you are not already on your Kindle’s Home screen.
  2. Press “Next Page” until you reach the last page of the Home screen.
  3. Click “Archived Items.”
  4. Scroll through the history of deleted books and click the book you want to restore.

How do I transfer ebooks to my Kindle?

Attach the file to an email, send it to your Kindle’s email address (with any subject, and nothing in the body of the email), and it should appear on your Kindle shortly. You can also drag and drop the file onto your Kindle if you attach the device to your PC with a USB cable.

How do I find my books on Amazon?

To locate your book on Amazon, go to http://www.amazon.com/ and search for your book title. Once on the book page, copy the web address in the address bar of your browser.

How to return a Kindle book you accidentally purchased?

– Navigate to the Chargeback Instantly section – Enter the payment details you used to buy your ebook – Specify the company you’re requesting a refund from – Give us your digital signature

Why are my books not selling on Amazon KDP?

Book type (this needs to be Paperback not Kindle eBook)

  • Language (English)
  • Book title+Subtitle
  • Author (you can use a pen name if you’d like)
  • Description
  • Publishing rights (Amazon wants to know if you own the copyright and publishing rights for this book)
  • How to find books you purchased on Kindle?

    You can use Amazon.com to send the book to each of the devices that have the Kindle app on them (and Fire tablets from Amazon).

  • Look for a section or link titled Your Devices and Content and select it.
  • This time click the Manage digital content
  • Can’t find book on Kindle?

    Make sure that your mobile device or computer is connected to the internet.

  • Sync your Kindle app.
  • Update your Kindle app.
  • Ensure that Whispersync is on.
  • Confirm that your Kindle purchase has successfully completed and that there are no issues with your payment method by checking Your Orders.
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