Why is Working called Wagnaria?

Why is Working called Wagnaria?

It was changed to “Wagnaria!!” by NIS America for the US release. Source. “Wagnaria” is the name of the restaurant where the main cast works, so it makes sense as a title, even if kind of sounds like the name of a world of magic and wonder where knights and princesses adventure.

What is Wagnaria based off of?

Web-ban Working!!
It is based on the spin-off webcomic titled Web-ban Working!!

Who does Takanashi end up with?

He has become aware of his feelings, which triggered his mother’s return to their home, and asked Inami out on a date after suffering pressure about what his mother might do. In the conclusion of the series, Souta and Inami become a couple.

Who is Yamada in Working?

Aoi Yamada
Aoi Yamada (山田 葵 Yamada Aoi) is one of main female characters of Working!!. She is a mysterious self-proclaimed 15 year-old girl, who works at Wagnaria Restaurant as a waitress in training….Aoi Yamada.

Kanji 山田 やまだ 葵 あおい
Japanese Name Yamada Aoi
Nationality Japanese

Does Popura like Takanashi?

Souta Takanashi Taneshima highly admires Takanashi, She is also unable to properly call him by his surname, saying “Katanashi” rather than “Takanashi”, even when corrected.

Does Takanashi end up with Inami?

As the series goes along Takanashi continues to help her grow to the point where she was able to stand up to her father. In the finale she is willing to go through Takanashi’s family in order to be with him. In the conclusion of the series, Inami and Souta become a couple.

Is Working anime over?

After this season, a final “special” episode titled ‘Working!!!: Lord of the Takanashi’ premiered on March 30, 2016. This wasn’t really the end of the anime and the creators continued the franchise by creating a whole new alternate setting.

Is WWW Working a sequel?

Web Working (WWW. Working) is NOT a SEQUEL from previous Working! series. You put that in mind, watch this Great anime with clear mind to get the best experience.

What is Yamada’s real name?

Takayuki Yamada
Yamada in 2011
Born October 20, 1983 Naha, Okinawa, Japan
Occupation Actor, singer
Years active 1998–present

Does Satou and Yachiyo get together?

In the ServantxService drama cd, it is revealed that Yachiyo officially marries Satou, which makes her Yachiyo Satou.

Who does Popura Taneshima like?

Taneshima believes Kotori to be the perfect girl, and often asked Takanashi to cross-dress for her, which he always refuses. Popura’s adoration of Kotori is to the extent that her co-workers ask her whether she is attracted to women, but she denies it.

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