Can you live at Lake Merwin?

Can you live at Lake Merwin?

Once you own the membership it is fully transferable and willable. Restrictions on use of LMCH include an overnight stay limit of 234 nights per year with no more than 30 consecutive stays without a minimum 72 hour break. Day use of LMCH and its facilities are not restricted.

What is the elevation of Lake Merwin Campers Hideaway?

Nestled on the shores of Lake Merwin, the front gate stands at 1,400 feet above sea level while Lake Merwin is at 300 feet above sea level. Lake Merwin, the jewel of the Hideaway, spans about 12.5 miles with 32 miles of shoreline, encompasses 4000 acres, 2,400 acres in Clark County and 1,690 acres in Cowlitz County.

How many acres is Lake Merwin?

3,921 acres

Lake Merwin
Surface area 3,921 acres (15.9 km2)
Max. depth 190 m (620 ft)
Water volume 422,400 acre-feet (0.521 km3)
Shore length1 32 mi (51 km)

What kind of fish are in Lake Merwin?

Northern pikeminnow
Rainbow troutSockeye salmonChinook salmonBull trout
Lake Merwin/Fish

Can you swim at Merwin lake?

Lake Merwin (and more) Lake Merwin, Yale Lake, and Swift Reservoir offer 12,321 acres of combined space for splashing, swimming, and good old Marco Polo.

How do I Contact Lake Merwin campers Hideaway?

If you are interested in learning more, please call our Sales department at 360-247-5940. We are located approximately one hour from Portland, Oregon. Lake Merwin Campers Hideaway offers the family a full range of leisure activities.

Where is the Terri Park campers Hideaway located?

The property is located in Lake Merwin Campers Hideaway a private campground near Amboy Washington. It includes the totally enclosed Terri Park Model Trailer, Sun Room, large deck, and storage shed with fantastic views of Mount St. Helens and Lake Merwin, Yale Lake.

What is there to do on Lake Merwin?

Because of our location on 13-mile long Lake Merwin, boating and swimming are immensely popular. We maintain a large moorage where members may rent slips.

Does the Hideaway have boat moorage?

The Hideaway has both long term lease and short term boat moorage where members may rent slips. Because there is very limited public access to the lake, you enjoy a relaxed experience when on the water.

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