Top 5 Tips When Choosing the Right Dog Boarding Place!

Top 5 Tips When Choosing the Right Dog Boarding Place!

Do you have to go out of town, but worried who will look after your dog?

If you can’t find a trusted pet sitter or you simply prefer more professional care for your four-legged baby while you are away, a boarding kennel is a good option.

But, finding the right pet care facility to board your precious friend is imperative for your peace of mind. Once you start hunting for the right place to kenneling your dog, it’s a good idea to do a little bit of research and preparation in advance, and you are good to go.

One of the best references would come from pet parents and vets. Talk to them and listen carefully about their experiences in the boarding facilities. Ask them everything from the pros and cons to cost or hidden charges for extra necessities provided. Read on to some of the useful tips in finding the trusted pet boarding facility to enjoy your travel stress-free:

Inspect the Kennel Interiors and Hygiene

Cleanliness is the first thing that indicates how responsible and professional the dog boarding facility staff is. Check if the kennel is properly ventilated and well lit. If it looks like a prison camp from the outside, you can’t expect it to look good on the inside. Following questions will help you decide whether or not the place is right:

  • Are the surroundings stinking of urine and littered with poop?
  • Are there garbage lying around?
  • Is the connected area having grass so that the dog can walk, play, and exercise?
  • Is there a proper safety to avoid the pet from escaping?
  • What about the alternative if the weather is bad?

Ask the facility staff that how often they bath pets and what if they are infested with fleas and ticks. Will they charge an extra amount for additional care?

Look Other Enclosures 

Are the dogs currently residing comfortably? Is there enough space for the pet to play around? Is there a good drainage system? Do they have adequate bedding for pets throughout the day? Can you bring to bring your pet’s toys?

Check Feeding Schedule

What is the feeding schedule like? Do they feed readymade stuff or home-cooked food? If your pet needs a specific diet due to certain medical conditions or age, will they provide it? Inspect the food preparation area so that you can be sure about the cleanliness there too.

How is the Staff?

How is the staff like? Are they polite? Observe the activities of pets who are there and whether or not they are responding to them in a positive way? Are they trained to manage behavioral issues? Do they have knowledge of basic first aid? Are they prepared for a medical emergency?

Check If There Is In-House Vet

Check if the facility has in-house vet? If not, is there anyone available in medical emergencies? Do check and meet the veterinarian to update him if your dog has a certain condition.

Now that you have these five tips for finding a dog boarding facility, it’s time to board your pet in a better place than any suspicious environment. When you are leaving your pet, avoid any kind of sad emotions and come back refreshed to a healthy, happy, and confident pet!

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