How much real life money you can make playing OSRS

How much real life money you can make playing OSRS

Playing Old School RuneScape can be an excellent source of income. Whether you just desire to sell excess gold or create your own gold farm (consisting of 1 or more accounts), you’d be surprised at how much you can make with minimal effort.

Furthermore, whilst many similar articles will focus on doing combat-related content, such as Chambers of Xeric and defeating The Great Olm; that’s not the end-all, be-all. In this guide, we will explore many different avenues of generating money, purely through skilling.

An important thing to note is that the market rates aren’t stable. You may be able to sell a million for $1.00+, or $0.50 if you’re unlucky. As you can imagine, different websites will also offer you different rates. However, the rate is pretty similar across the industry as it’s built on competition. The rate of gold is tied to supply vs demand and inflation that occurs generally within the economy of RuneScape. That’s why a million in OSRS is worth far more, in real currency, in contrast to a million from RS3.

What skilling money making methods are available?

The possibilities are essentially endless – you do not even have to go for a popular method. You can literally find your own methods if you’re able to produce items that are in-demand by the economy. You don’t have to follow any saturated, commonly known methods. We’ll aim to cover some of the best methods here.

Hunting Black Chinchompas is a method that generates around 1,500,000 – 3,000,000 GP per hour. Whilst you may only think this is only worth $3 per hour, the interesting thing is that you’ll also gain 150,000 Hunter experience per hour. It’s the meta method if you’re training Hunter, and you can generate a considerable revenue alongside that! However, you will need 80+ Hunter, and 43 Prayer (for protection prayers) and some defence certainly helps. Other than that, all you must input is some steel darts and some armour.

How much real life money you can make playing OSRS

Another high-experience, high-gold per hour method is pickpocketing elves. With 85 Thieving, 50 Agility (to wear Rogue equipment), you can make over 3,000,000 gold per hour. You’ll also gain about 170,000 Thieving experience per hour. The only thing you need to invest in is cheap dodgy necklaces (to improve your RNG, which more than pays itself off), and completing the Ardougne diary. You’d rather do something like this, rather than a high-experience method that provides an extra negligible amount of experience, but completely sacrifices any gold output per hour you may receive. Yes, we’re saying you should pickpocket elves rather than repeating Ardy knights once you get to a high enough level!

How much real life money you can make playing OSRS

The final recommended method would be smithing Runite bars at the Blast Furnace. However, you can essentially replace this for any current bar-level you’re working at. Through this method, you can generate over 2,000,000 per hour. However, the market rates oscillate quite heavily, and sometimes even steel bars can allow you to gain 1,000,000 per hour – and that’s unlocked far earlier. Runite Bars are unlocked at level 85 Smithing, and you can 100,000 Smithing experience per hour. Whilst you gain more experience through making gold bars with gold gauntlets, you will lose tens of millions on your way to 99.

The interesting thing about Blast Furnace is that most of the time, you’re waiting for a timer. Each bar is individually made. As such, you can multiple accounts and manage them quite easily. You could even do it whilst watching something on your other monitor, all the while easily making $20 per hour!

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Hopefully, you have found this guide useful.

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