Top of the Line Technologies That Resolve Health Complications

Top of the Line Technologies That Resolve Health Complications

You have been suffering from an obstructive breathing problem. Because of this, you find yourself tired the whole day. You might as well have not slept. After a hard day’s work or a day spent at the mall with your toddlers, you can finally feel the day’s stressful effects creeping in. As if in slow motion, you can feel your head throbbing painfully, sometimes on one side of, and sometimes on both sides. While clutching your head, you become more sensitive to light, sound, smell, and even touch. Later on, you find yourself retching into a bucket. Worse, your migraine is just starting. Conventional treatments cannot address some illnesses; this is where bioscience engineers introduce product development. From concept to production, the engineers design products that use technology to resolve health complications effectively.

Treatment for Migraine

The causes of migraines are varied. Some leading causes are attributed to family history and environmental factors. If your mother or father has a medical history of migraines, it is highly likely that you will develop migraines as well. On the other hand, environmental factors such as stress, sensory stimuli, and weather changes may also trigger a migraine. For example, stress can make parts of the body develop hormones that can trigger a migraine. Also, some people are more sensitive to external stimuli, such as bright lights and loud noises. This overload of stimuli may lead them to develop migraines. This illness may also be caused by weather, such as a frigid temperature or windy weather.

Because of continuous research, it has been found that changes in the trigeminal nerve, a major pain pathway, may play a vital role in the development of a migraine. As a result, a technology that can deliver precise air pressure to the ear has been developed. Using this, the trigeminal and vagus nerves are stimulated. This stimulation has been found to work effectively with persons with migraine, where they felt significant pain relief.

Treatment for Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder in which breathing stops for a while. Research shows that one in four Australians suffer from sleep apnea. Risk factors of sleep apnea include being male and being obese. Sleep apnea is likely to develop in middle-aged people with high blood pressure too. The treatment requires wearing a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure(CPAP) mask to ensure proper breathing while asleep.

But finding a mask that fits snugly is one of the significant problems while using a mask. Since we have different sizes and shapes of the face, the masks used must be unique too. With product development, detailed scans were used to capture each important contour of the face and create custom masks. The custom mask is targeted to fit the face perfectly.

Migraine and sleep apnea can be debilitating. Some people take leave from work or school because of it. Medications are designed to include everyone affected as much as possible. However, some people do not respond to drugs or typical interventions; this non-response is the reason why unconventional but tested treatments are now approved to turn these incapacitating illnesses into those that can finally be managed. Product development makes all this possible.

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