Did GOT7 had a concert in Philippines?

Did GOT7 had a concert in Philippines?

Brace yourselves for this explosive night brought to you by JYP Entertainment and PULP Live World. GOT7 2019 WORLD TOUR ‘KEEP SPINNING’ in Manila happens on October 26, 2019, Saturday at the Mall of Asia Arena. The show promptly starts at 7PM.

When did GOT7 went to the Philippines?

JYP Entertainment’s newest hiphop boygroup “GOT7” dominates Araneta Coliseum last Saturday on their First Fan Meeting in the Philippines.

When was the last concert of Got7?

Japan Tour 2019 “OUR LOOP”

Japan tour by Got7
Associated album Love Loop
Start date July 30, 2019
End date August 18, 2019
Got7 concert chronology

Where was Got7 last concert?

Mall of Asia Arena
In a packed Mall of Asia Arena last Saturday, JB, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, Bambam, and Yugyeom kicked things off with an explosive performance of their latest hit “Eclipse” from the recently released album “Spinning Top: Between Security and Insecurity.”

What were GOT7’s 3 World Tour?


  • 3.1 “FLY” 2016 1st World Tour.
  • 3.2 “EYES ON YOU” 2018 World Tour.
  • 3.3 “KEEP SPINNING” 2019 World Tour.

Where is the last concert of GOT7?

When did GOT7 come to Malaysia?

Malaysian IGOT7! GOT7 has heard you calling their names as they are finally coming to town to perform their brand new world tour “GOT7 2020 WORLD TOUR ‘KEEP SPINNING’ IN KUALA LUMPUR” slated for 7th March, 2020 at the Axiata Arena Bukit Jalil, 8PM!

What company is GOT7 under?

Sony Music Entertainment
Universal Music GroupSony Music Entertainment JapanEpic RecordsWarner Music Korea
GOT7/Record labels

How many concerts has GOT7 done?

GOT7’s 40 Concerts & Tours.

How much does BTS concert tickets cost in Korea?


MEMBERSHIP ONLY HD Multi-view: 1-Day Pass KRW 49,500 (USD 40)
HD Multi-view: 2-Day Pass KRW 90,000 (USD 74)
GENRAL TICKET HD Single-view: 1-Day Pass KRW 49,500 (USD 40)
HD Single-view: 2-Day Pass KRW 90,000 (USD 74)

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