How much does a traditional steel garage door cost?

How much does a traditional steel garage door cost?

Standard commercial steel garage doors run $500 to $3,000. Glass types cost $2,000 to $5,500. Add insulation and you’ll pay anywhere from $1,000 to $7,000 per unit.

What is a Panelift garage door?

Panelift® Icon™ Garage Doors. Panelift Icon features a huge range of colours and design choices combined with self-locking technology that delivers a new level of protection and security. View Panelift Icon Garage Doors. Panelift® Garage Doors. Panelift sets the standard for strong, safe and reliable operation.

How much is an insulated steel garage door?

Insulated Garage Door Cost Insulated garage doors cost $400 to $4,000, depending on the size, material, insulation type (foam or panels), number of layers, and performance.

How much does a steel double garage door cost?

Garage Door Replacement Cost by Garage Size

1-car garage $500 – $2,500
2-car garage (1 double garage door) $750 – $4,000
2-car garage (2 single garage doors) $1,100 – $4,700
3-car garage (1 single garage door and 1 double garage door) $1,300 – $6,400

What are sectional garage doors?

A sectional garage door is made up of separate sections rather than a single panel; they rise vertically with no loss of driveway space in front of the garage, and provide full opening drive through width, giving extra room for wider vehicles such as 4x4s and MPVs.

How wide can a panel lift door be?

A standard panel door is produced to measure and fit openings up to 3m high x 6.4m wide and require 250mm – 350mm of headroom.

Why Choose Steel-line Sydney for your garage doors?

Since 1987, Steel-Line’s Sydney branch has been dedicated to supplying, installing, and repairing garage doors throughout Sydney. Following its inception, Steel-Line Sydney also established a network of resellers to service nearby rural areas, making Steel-Line’s range available to residents and business owners beyond the city.

Which steel-line products are available in Sydney?

The full Steel-Line range of garage doors, roller doors and shed roller doors is available. In particular, our Sydney branch supplies sectional garage door motors and roller door operators. We make these products available to all areas across Sydney, as well as having resellers in Canberra, Dubbo, Orange, Bathurst and Wagga.

Where do we make garage doors in Australia?

We have two major factories in Brisbane and Perth, as well as branches and garage door installers all over Australia. We provide a complete range of residential garage doors, garage and shed roller doors, industrial shutters, timber garage doors, and tilt garage doors, plus a full range of garage door operators.

Where can I get a free garage door quote in Sydney?

If you’re looking to install or repair a garage door in the Sydney, Canberra, Dubbo, Orange, Bathurst and Wagga areas, give Steel-Line Sydney a call on 1300 767 900 to organise a free measure and quote.

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