How much is a Garden and Gun magazine?

How much is a Garden and Gun magazine?

12 issues (2 years) $14.99 per year ($29.98 total) — Save 64% (Best Deal!)

Is Garden and gun a real magazine?

Garden & Gun is a national magazine focusing on the American South. The magazine reports on the South’s culture, food, music, art, literature, and its people and their ideas. It was created in 2007, published by the Evening Post Publishing Company.

Is Garden and Gun a conservative magazine?

We are not a magazine that covers politics or editorializes.

Who owns Garden and Gun magazine?

the Allée Group LLC
Rebecca Wesson Darwin is cofounder & CEO of the Allée Group LLC, formed with partners Pierre Manigault and J. Edward Bell III. The group owns Garden & Gun magazine, which launched in spring 2007.

Who reads Garden and Gun magazine?

With a national audience of more than one million passionate and engaged readers, the magazine has won numerous awards for its journalism, design, and overall excellence.

Why is it called Garden and Gun?

The name “Garden & Gun” comes from a now-defunct Charleston nightclub, popular in the 1970s. President and CEO Rebecca Darwin says it captures the spirit of the magazine. “The ‘garden’ is really a metaphor for the land,” she says, “which is really what’s at the heart of this whole magazine.

How often does Garden and Gun magazine come out?

How many times per year is Garden & Gun published? Garden & Gun is a bi-monthly publication with six issues per year.

How often does garden and gun come out?

How do I cancel my Garden and Gun magazine subscription?

For all inquiries regarding your magazine subscription please e-mail our customer service center at [email protected] or call 1-800-800-8336.

What is Garden&Gun magazine?

Garden & Gun is a high-end Southern lifestyle magazine. Its lush photography and award-winning editorial delivers a unique view of art & culture, sporting activities, food & fine dining and travel destinations throughout the South. Garden & Gun magazine is a great place for celebrating the life and style of the real South.

When will my first issue of Garden & Gun magazine arrive?

If you order a subscription to Garden & Gun today, your first magazine should arrive before November 17, 2021. Every effort will be made to expedite delivery of your first issue. Renewals orders will be added to your existing subscription to ensure uninterrupted service.

How long does it take to get a magazine from Amazon?

The first issue of a weekly magazine should arrive within 4-6 weeks of your order. The first issue of a monthly magazine should arrive within 12-16 weeks, unless otherwise noted. Once you’ve placed an order at, it can take one to two weeks for your subscription to be received and scheduled by the publisher.

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