What happens at MEPS for final inspect?

What happens at MEPS for final inspect?

Upon final Shipping Inspect, each recruit will be checked for height, weight, and (if applicable based on over weight standards) body fat. Each applicant will be asked verbally or in writing (or preferably both) about any changes in medical condition, dental condition, drug use, and legal occurrences.

What is a MEPS inspect?

MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Stations) are facilities of a Department of Defense joint-service organization staffed with military and civilian professionals. MEPS determines applicant’s physical qualifications, aptitude and moral standards as set by each branch of military service.

What is the final step done at MEPS?

The final step of MEPS before becoming an enlisted service member is choosing a military branch and job specialty. As an active member of the U.S. military, you can serve in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force or Coast Guard.

What happens at MEPS before you ship out?

The day before your recruit is due to ship out s/he will report to his/her recruiter’s office, for yet another drug test, weigh-in, and another round of paperwork. Then the recruiter will drive him/her to a hotel near MEPS, where recruits get a meal ticket and a room.

Can I leave the hotel the night before MEPS?

Typically, recruits stay at a hotel the night before they go to MEPS (the Military Entrance Processing Station) because the day starts early, and a lot of recruits come from out of town. This allows a bus (or buses) to transport all of the recruits to the MEPS location.

What is MEP inspection checklist?

MEP inspection checklist is used for inspecting and evaluating MEP (Mechanical, electrical, plumbing) work. Download free MEP inspection checklists PDF & DOC.

What should I expect at my MEPs appointment?

You raise your right hand and repeat the Oath after the Officer. When scheduling your MEPS appointment you will be provided with an approximate time that you will be swearing in. You are allowed to provide this time to your family so they can be present when you swear in. At this time you have signed your contract and agreed to serve your country.

What happens at MEPs?

What Happens at MEPS? MEPS includes pre-screening, ASVAB testing, (if you do not take it previously), medical evaluations and enlistment activities. Pre-screening is the first step of your MEPS visit and occurs with your recruiter prior to attending MEPS.

What is the MEPs medical evaluation test?

MEPS Medical Evaluation/Testing At MEPS you will conduct several different medical evaluations and tests. These tests are conducted to ensure you meet the qualifications for the branch you wish to join, the position you are aiming for and that you meet any Department of Defense regulations.

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