What is an Akron nozzle?

What is an Akron nozzle?

One of the biggest names in the fire fighting community when it comes to fire hose nozzles and monitor nozzles is Akron Brass. Akron nozzles are designed for peak water flow, easy attachment and removal, and has the strength to last for years to come, no matter how rough the working conditions are.

What is a fireman’s nozzle?

OVERVIEW. If you’re looking for a nozzle that covers a wide area, the fireman’s nozzle from Yardsmith has got you covered! This nozzle creates dynamic flow control and will be perfect for large watering jobs! Fireman’s lever provides easy pull down/pull up adjustable water flow control.

How much does a fire hose nozzle cost?

Compare Similar Nozzles & Wands

current product
Performance Tool Detailer’s Choice Ray Padula
Fire Hose Nozzle Fire Hose Nozzle PRO Series Jumbo Blast Industrial Adjustable Hose Nozzle
$1092 $598 $1395
(11) (88) (8)

What is a breakaway nozzle?

A valve installed between the nozzle and dispenser, on a gasoline station hose, that will pull apart if a motorist drives away with the nozzle still inserted in the fill pipe of his fuel tank. An unthinking motorist or attendant may neglect to remove the nozzle after completion of the fueling operation.

How do you clean a brass fire nozzle?

Brass Cleaner

  1. Put on the rubber gloves.
  2. Lay a clean towel on your work surface, and place the brass extinguisher in a vertical or horizontal position — whatever is easier to work with.
  3. Dip a washcloth into the soapy water and wipe down the surface of the extinguisher to remove dust and dirt.

What is a Playpipe nozzle?

In the Journal, playpipes direct the flow of steam—almost like a nozzle. An 1890 issue of The Engineering & Building Record offers one of the first uses of the term “play-pipe” as a measuring or testing aid in fire protection.

What is a fixed Gallonage nozzle?

Fixed gallonage A nozzle that provides constant gallonage with an adjustable pattern of spray from straight stream to wide fog. Benefits: Easy to use; operates in a wide range of nozzle pressures from 50 to 100 psi.

What are the different types of old fire nozzles?

Old fire nozzles can be anywhere from a few inches to over two feet long. The various types of nozzles give you different water effects. You can get a concentrated stream or a wide shower-like pattern. The antique Elkhart fire nozzles are made from brass material, and you can occasionally find them with the mounting clamps as well.

What is the purpose of a fire nozzle?

Fire nozzles can provide a constant flow or allow firefighters to select the most appropriate flow rate and operating pressure for fire fighting. A fire nozzle connects to a fire hose to deliver water or fire fighting foam to extinguish a fire.

Are Your Fire nozzles NFPA and en certified?

All of our fire nozzles are made and designed using the latest technological advances, innovations, and materials, which are certified to meet or exceed NFPA and EN Standards. When it comes to finding the latest fire fighting nozzles for your fire station or fire department choose Fire Product Search.

What kind of nozzle does Delta Fire use?

The Delta Fire Smooth-Bore Fire Nozzle is one of the most versatile nozzles available today thanks to its two interchangeable solid bore jet tips. Supplied by Delta Fire The Floor Below Nozzle from Delta Fire is specifically designed to…

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