What is Neuro Oncology MDT?

What is Neuro Oncology MDT?

The Neuro-oncology Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) consists of a group of health professionals with expert knowledge in the investigation and treatment of patients who may have a tumour in the brain or central nervous system.

Why would you see a neuro oncologist?

A neuro-oncologist is trained to handle the patients suffering from brain tumor. A neurooncologist is a cancer specialist who deals with cancer that is related specially to the neurological system. Neuro-oncologist play a crucial role in diagnosing and treating the cancer patients.

How do you become a neuro oncologist?

Requirements. Fellows must hold an M.D. or D.O. degree, have completed a residency in adult neurology or neurosurgery and, if applicable, have an active ECFMG certification.

What is the meaning of Neuro Oncology?

Listen to pronunciation. (NOOR-oh-on-KAH-loh-jist) A doctor who has special training in diagnosing and treating brain tumors and other tumors of the nervous system.

What does MDT mean in hospital terms?

A multidisciplinary team (MDT) in oncology is defined as the cooperation between different specialized professionals involved in cancer care with the overarching goal of improving treatment efficiency and patient care.

Is Neuro Oncology a specialty?

Neuro-oncology is a specialty which involves the management of primary and metastatic central and peripheral nervous system neoplasms; neurologic complications of cancer and related disorders; and neurologic complications of therapy utilized in such patients.

How long are neurology fellowships?


Subspecialty Length
Child Neurology 3 years
Clinical Neurophysiology 1 year
Critical Care Medicine 1-2 years
Neurodevelopmental Disabilities 4 years

How to contact King’s College hospital – neuro-oncology MDT proforma?

King’s College Hospital – Neuro-oncology MDT Proforma PLEASE ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS ON BOTH PAGES. Please complete electronically and email to [email protected]

What is King’s neuro-oncology MDT proforma version?

King’s Neuro-oncology MDT proforma – version 8 1 KCH Patient Number Office use only Referral scanned to EPR Images on IEP PIMS MDT Letter Maker Proforma Title King’s Neurosurgical Rapid Access Referrals Author hannah thomas Last modified by Frost, Karen

How do I refer a patient to King’s for Neuro-Oncology?

A Neuro-oncology referral form must be completed and sent to King’s Neuro-oncology team for each referrred patient. All investigations – i.e. CT/MRI – must be image-linked to King’s College Hospital Radiology Department.

How do I contact the KCH-tr neuro-oncology department?

Please complete electronically and email to [email protected] For further Information please call Donna – Neuro-oncology Coordinator on 020 3299 4151

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