What mics does Slate Digital emulate?

What mics does Slate Digital emulate?

The mics included are emulations of the following:

  • Telefunken U47.
  • Sony C800g.
  • Shure SM7.
  • Telefunken ELA M251.
  • AKG C12.
  • Neumann U67.

Does slate microphone come with software?

Slate Digital ML-1 Features: Ultra-linear, sonically neutral large-diaphragm condenser microphone. Combine it with the included VMS mic/preamp modeling software for unlimited sonic options. Includes licenses for Classic Tubes 1 & 2 and Virtual Preamp Collection.

Are slate mics good?

In my experience this microphone sounds really good pretty often. It has more low end than the other two microphones, and its nice and fat. It can even sound a little smoky when you push it. FG-800 – Based on the Sony C800G, this is a modern microphone that cuts through modern mixes.

Does slate VMS need preamp?

Get to know them! To get the most out of your Slate Virtual Microphone System, you need the flattest signal possible. That’s why you need a VMS-ONE preamp. Tailor-made for Slate’s ML-1 microphone, the VMS-ONE boasts state-of-the-art amplifiers that give you the most linear, transparent signal possible.

Is the slate ml1 a tube mic?

A recreation of a famous vintage Japanese tube microphone. This mic is one of the most flattering sounding microphones in the entire collection.

What is a virtualized microphone?

A virtual microphone is, in fact, a “real” microphone that relies on digital signal processing (DSP) to create facsimiles of the sound pickup characteristics and frequency response of another microphone.

Do I need the VMS preamp?

Transparent Preamp for the Slate Virtual Microphone System To get the most out of your Slate Virtual Microphone System, you need the flattest signal possible. That’s why you need a VMS-ONE preamp.

What is the slate digital Virtual Microphone system?

The Slate Digital Virtual Microphone System claims to precisely model many of the classic large-diaphragm valve capacitor microphones, and some well-know preamps, of the last 70 years.

Does the Slate Digital tube microphone sound like a classic microphone?

Combined with the Slate Digital tube microphone modeling software, it can sound like some of the most classic microphones in recording history.

What makes the slate ML-1 mic the lowest latency mic?

The combination of the 96khz sampling rate and low buffer size ensures the lowest possible latency. Now you can experience the Slate Virtual Recording Studio including our VMS ML-1 mic models.

Is slate a good mic locker?

For someone who doesn’t have $1000’s of dollars to spend on a mic locker, Slate hit the nail on the head combining high quality microphone emulation hardware/software at an affordable price this home studio operator can afford. Haven’t had the time to really test but what I have recorded has came out pretty clean.

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