Where did Pants on the Ground originate?

Where did Pants on the Ground originate?

Production. The song was first performed in 2001 by “General” Larry Platt in the streets of Atlanta during many campaigns for elected municipal officials across the city of Atlanta, and he had professionally recorded it as early as 2002.

How much did Larry Platt make?

“General” Larry Platt (born August 27, 1947) is an American rapper and civil and political rights activist who rose to prominence after performing “Pants on the Ground” on American Idol’s ninth season….Larry Platt Wiki.

Net Worth $11 Million
Occupation “Civil rights activist”
Profession “American activist” and rapper

Who sang pants on ground?

Larry PlattPants on the Ground / Artist

Who wrote the song Pants on the Ground?

Larry Platt
Carlos Thornton
Pants on the Ground/Lyricists

How old is General Larry Platt?

74 years (August 27, 1947)Larry Platt / Age

When was Larry on American Idol?

SEE MORE: Gov. But Platt became most known across the country in 2010, when he performed his original hit “Pants on the Ground” at an audition for the “American Idol’s” ninth season, winning over judges Randy Jackson and Kara DioGuardi — and earning a nervous endorsement from incurable skeptic Simon Cowell.

What year was Larry Platt on American Idol?

Prior to his 2010 American Idol appearance, Platt even performed the song in 2008 and 2009 at the Centennial Olympic Park and Sweet Auburn Heritage Festival, respectively.

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