Does SAP own vistex?

Does SAP own vistex?

Software giant SAP has acquired a minority stake in Vistex, an ISV partner that develops go-to-market, pricing, rights and royalty management, and other applications that work with SAP’s core ERP software.

What does the company vistex do?

Vistex solutions help businesses take control of their mission-critical processes. With a multitude of programs covering pricing, trade, royalties and incentives, it can be complicated to see where all the money is flowing, let alone how much difference it makes to the topline and the bottomline.

What is IP document in SAP?

With the Incentives and Paybacks (IP) Module, the concept of an ‘order to cash’ process has been extended and an additional document – IP (Incentive and Payback) document is introduced and there is no need to include calculation for rebate, chargeback and sales incentive at Billing document.

What type of company is vistex?

Revenue Management Solutions & Services – Vistex, Inc.

What is claim in vistex?

Claims – there are business reasons that will require additional chargebacks tobe created without reference to a customer invoice. Claim Workbench (/IRM/GCRM)

What does vistex software do?

Embedded natively into core ERP, SAP Incentive Administration by Vistex allows you to administer, model, report and analyze all aspects of even the most complex incentive programs, such as sales commissions or incentive compensation and bonus plans, sales or purchasing rebate programs, and royalty payments.

Why did sap and Vistex partner to build the environment cloud?

To help make the environment cloud ready, SAP and Vistex partnered to help ensure the product road map matched customer needs for enterprise quality solutions in the cloud. Working together, Vistex will help provide industry-specific updates focused on improved customer experience.

Who are Vistex competitors?

Competitors of Vistex include MOLTEN, FilmTrack and Whip Media. Where is Vistex headquarters? Vistex headquarters is located at 2300 Barrington Rd #550, Hoffman Estates.

What does Vistex do?

The company also develops the channelConduit Suite designed for indirect sales channel marketing initiatives, the Go-to-Market Suite, as well as solutions for SAP. Vistex serves clients in the automotive, chemical, manufacturing, life sciences, media, music, retail, telecom, and other industries.

Where is the headquarters of Vistex located?

Vistex headquarters is located at 2300 Barrington Rd #550, Hoffman Estates. Where are Vistex offices? Vistex has offices in Hoffman Estates, Chicago, Kent, Los Angeles and in 18 other locations. How many offices does Vistex have?

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