Does the period go inside or outside the quotation marks?

Does the period go inside or outside the quotation marks?

Punctuating Around Quotation Marks

Punctuation mark In relation to closing quotation mark, place it… Notes
Period Inside
Comma Inside
Parentheses Outside See more examples of how to cite direct quotations here.
Semi-colon Outside

What is the sign of exclamation?

The exclamation mark often marks the end of a sentence, for example: “Watch out!” Similarly, a bare exclamation mark (with nothing before or after) is often established in warning signs….Exclamation mark.

Exclamation mark
In Unicode U+0021 ! EXCLAMATION MARK (HTML ! · &excl )

Why does the period go inside the quotation marks?

The point of conventions is that they provide common tools for understanding, so if you are preparing material in a British context, follow British rules. But if you are preparing a paper for a class or for publication in the United States, place periods and commas inside quotation marks.

Do periods go inside quotations Canada?

Commas and periods always go inside the quotation marks. Question marks, exclamation marks, and dashes go inside quotation marks when they are part of the quotation, and outside when they do not.

What is the sign of exclamatory sentence?

An exclamatory sentence conveys a strong emotion and ends with an exclamation mark (!). An exclamatory sentence, or exclamation, is a more forceful version of a declarative sentence.

What do the 3 vertical dots mean?


When you end a sentence with a quote where does the period go Canada?

Again, in Canada the American style predominates: periods and commas go inside closing quotation marks; all other marks go inside if they belong with the quoted material, outside if they don’t. Colons and semicolons deserve a special mention. If they occur at the end of quoted material, it is conventional to drop them.

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