How did I spent my winter vacation essay?

How did I spent my winter vacation essay?

Each winter vacation gives several memories to cherish for a long-long time. While during the primary classes all we did during the winter vacation was to eat, sleep, play and visit our friends and relatives however as we have entered the senior classes things have started to change.

Who said Kashmir is heaven on earth?

What is the famous dish of Jammu?

Kashmiri Pulao

How many Kashmiris have been killed by Indian army?

Police sources say over 160 militants have been killed so far this year. Kashmir, a Muslim-majority Himalayan region, is held by India and Pakistan in parts and claimed by both in full.

For what Kashmir is famous for?

Below are the 10 things Kashmir is famous for.

  • 1 TOURISM. Kashmir is an important tourist destination and has been a place of attraction for tourists for centuries.
  • 2 SAFFRON. Saffron was brought to India by the Persian rulers around 500.
  • 3 WEATHER.
  • 5 APPLES.
  • 6 WAZWAN.
  • 8 SHIKARA.

Who called Kashmir a heaven on earth?

Emperor Jehangir

Is alcohol allowed in Srinagar?

No in Srinagar liquor is completely banned but for the tourist community some wine shops are functional to access their needs whereas for locals or anyone from kashmir it is seen as a worst thing and their are social implications for that person but then some still consume it but behind 7 walls where he and his Lord …

Which fruit is famous Kashmir?


What is Kashmir known for?

The natural beauty and picturesque locations have made it a favoured destination for tourists across the world. Jammu is famous for its temples, while Kashmir Valley is known for its lakes and gardens. J&K has agro-climatic conditions best suited for horticulture and floriculture.

What is the famous dish of Kashmir?

Dum Aaloo

What is the old name of Kashmir?

According to folk etymology, the name “Kashmir” means “desiccated land” (from the Sanskrit: ka = water and shimīra = desiccate). In the Rajatarangini, a history of Kashmir written by Kalhana in the mid-12th century, it is stated that the valley of Kashmir was formerly a lake.

Is Kashmir really beautiful?

The valleys of Kashmir are untamed and unspoilt. Surrounded by the sublime mountains, these valleys echo nature, beauty and a certain level of mysticism. Charming lakes: The lakes in Kashmir are crystal clear, stunning and pristine. Srinagar boasts of the Dal and Nageen Lakes which are stunning.

What is Rice called in Kashmiri?

Indian Grocery Translations – English to Kashmiri

English Kashmiri Transliteration
Rice (Raw) Tammul
Jaggery Gor
Coconut Khoprah

Which place is called heaven on earth?


Which place is called heaven of India?

Anantnag District

How do I spend my winter break paragraph?

Introduction: Winter vacation comes with so much excitement and relief for me. I get stuck in this time because of heavy study pressure. This vacation let me spend some quality time and get refreshed. Last year, I think I spend the most amazing winter vacation ever in my life.

Is Kashmir safe in 2020?

As of October 2020, Kashmir is peaceful, and there haven’t been any recent disturbances.

Is Kashmir the most beautiful place on earth?

Leading travel magazine Lonely Planet has ranked the state as the best romantic destination in India. Known as the paradise on Earth, Kashmir has been ranked as the world’s second most romantic destination, only next to Switzerland.

What is there to do in Kashmir in winter?

8 Things To Do In Winter In Kashmir

  • Dal Lake: Go For A Shikara Ride.
  • Harissa: Try The Winter Delicacy Of Kashmir.
  • Gulmarg: Skiing And Cable Car Ride.
  • Zanskar River: Walking The Chadar.
  • Sonamarg: Beholding The Best Of Snow Mountain Valley.
  • Pahalgam: A Pony Ride And Rafting.
  • Discount & Cheap Stays: A Comfortable Trip.

Which is most beautiful district in world?

Here are the 50 most beautiful cities on the planet.

  1. Paris, France. The Champs-Elysees with Christmas lights.
  2. New York, New York, USA. Central Park in the fall.
  3. London, England, UK. Notting Hill in London.
  4. Venice, Italy. A canal in Venice.
  5. Vancouver, Canada.
  6. Barcelona, Spain.
  7. Cape Town, South Africa.
  8. San Francisco, California.

Is Kashmir more beautiful than Switzerland?

Kashmir ranks second to Switzerland in the most romantic destinations of the world. Kashmir which is called the paradise on earth has been ranked second to Switzerland in the world rankings of top romantic destination. Srinagar, May 14: Kashmir even after all the unrest within, has embraced heaven on earth ever since.

What is the beauty of Kashmir?

A valley between the Great Himalayan range and the Pir Panjal mountain range, Kashmir is a place of beautiful simplicity and pristine natural beauty. Kashmir is painted with a unique culture that keeps you intrigued throughout your journey, from Srinagar to Sonamarg and Gulmarg till Pahalgam.

What do Kashmiris eat for breakfast?

12 breakfast recipes from Kashmir to try

  • Noon Chai. Made from green tea leaves, milk, salt and baking soda, this pink Kashmiri chai is cooked in a traditional metal container called a samovar.
  • Chhir Chot.
  • Kahwa.
  • Girda.
  • Lavasa Masala Tchot.
  • Bakarkhani.
  • Chochwor.
  • Harisa.

Who is most beautiful girl in Kashmir?

Read on to know about ten inspiring Kashmiri women who become pioneers in their fields.

  1. Mehvish Zarger. Mehvish Zarger, STP Image.
  2. Nadiya Nighat. Nadiya Nighat, STP Image.
  3. Iqra Rasool. Iqra Rasool credits : Female Cricket.
  4. Sabbah Haji. Sabbah Haji, STP image.
  5. Nusrat Jahan.
  6. Dr Sharmeen Mushtaq.
  7. Irtiqa Ayoub.
  8. Roohi Nazki.

Why Kashmiris are so beautiful?

The reason considered behind their beauty is the geographical and genetic conditions of Kashmir. Along with that, they also maintain their beauty with such natural things which are easily found in Kashmir. Some of these things keep them glowing their faces and remain white.

Which language is spoken in Kashmir?

New Delhi: The Lok Sabha on Tuesday passed a bill under which Kashmiri, Dogri and Hindi, apart from the existing Urdu and English, will be the official languages in the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

What can I buy from Kashmir?

So, now you know what to buy first when you will shop in Kashmir.

  • Carpets. Kashmiri Carpets are famous worldwide because of its specialty of being handmade and rich in texture.
  • Traditional Jewelry.
  • Dress Material.
  • Wood Carving Objects.
  • Silverware Item.
  • Popular Fruits.

Who spread Islam in Kashmir?

Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadani

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