How did Lyddie treat Brigid?

How did Lyddie treat Brigid?

She helps Brigid learn how to read, just as she herself was once taught. Lyddie also sacrifices her own job by protecting Brigid from Marsden’s unwanted advances. But before she leaves the factory, Lyddie, ever the rugged individualist, gives Brigid the means of standing up for herself.

What does Lyddie decide at the end of Chapter 6?

With nothing left for her at the tavern, and with Charlie “safely” stowed with another family, Lyddie decides to set off for Lowell to become a factory girl. And, in so doing, she becomes a living symbol of the Industrial Revolution in full swing.

How much did Lyddie get paid?

Lyddie was a good worker and would do well working in a mill in Lowell, Massachusetts. She could clear $2.00 a week and be independent.

Who allowed the runaway to stay in Lyddie’s cabin?

The man told Lyddie that the Stevens’ had told him that it was safe to stay in Lyddie’s cabin. Then, he introduced himself as Ezekial Abernathy. He was a runaway slave who used to be a preacher.

What is Lyddie’s last name?

In 1843, Lyddie Worthen, an impoverished Vermont farm girl, is determined to gain her independence (and money to pay off the debts of the farm).

Why did Lyddie give Ezekial all her money?

Listen for students to say: She gave him the money because she is generous, empathetic, committed to freedom, kind, etc. Probing questions: * “Does Lyddie have anything in common with Ezekial?”

What did Charlie’s letter to Lyddie?

A few days later, Lyddie got a letter from Charlie. It said: Dear Sister Lyddie, We are fine.

How does Lyddie get injured?

Lyddie was hit in the head with a shuttle one day. Although she did not die, it was a serious accident and she was badly hurt. Even though Lyddie has been hurt, she does not want to go home because it is not quitting time. Money is very important to Lyddie.

Who is Charlie in Lyddie?

Lyddie and her brother Charlie maintain the farm for a while. Charlie is steady and resilient. He helps Lyddie take care of things, and he is clearly one of the most level-headed members of the family. Lyddie is probably closer to her brother than any other family member.

Why does Lyddie not sign the petition Chapter 13?

Because she has a specific goal in mind that she thinks the long work days will help her achieve, and because she herself has suffered no ill effects from the poor working conditions yet, she refuses to sign the petition.

What chapter does Lyddie get harassed?

Chapter 21

What is the plot of Chapter 13 in Lyddie?

In Chapter 13, Lyddie is becoming more acquainted with being a factory worker. Lyddie is proud of her work at the textile mill. She writes home that she is working to pay off her family’s debts. As she gets more accustomed to the mill work, she learns to operate four looms at a time.

How does Spring change the work being done at the tavern?

When spring comes, they no longer need to make maple sugar. The mistress of the tavern, Mrs. Cutler, went to sell what they had made. This made the work much lighter for Lyddie and Triphena.

What happens to Betsy in Lyddie?

At the time the novel takes place, tuberculosis is a death sentence for Betsy. Betsy is sick with tuberculosis, or TB. She becomes increasingly sick, first stopping work, then being sent to the hospital. Eventually her uncle comes to pick her up and take her home.

What is Lyddie’s full name?

Lyddie is a 1991 novel written by Chinese-born American Katherine Paterson….Lyddie.

First edition, 1991
Author Katherine Paterson
Pages 182
ISBN 0-5
OCLC /td>

How old is Lyddie?

thirteen years

Does Lyddie marry Luke?

Luke is a good friend to Lyddie and eventually asks her to marry him, but Lyddie, intent on proving that she can make it on her own, has other plans. She learns to appreciate Luke, however, and the book ends on a note of hope that they will eventually be together.

Why does Lyddie not sign the petition?

Lyddie decides not to sign the petition because she needs her current wages too badly. If the petition passes, then her hours would be reduced and she would earn less. Even if it does not pass, it would anger the mill’s management and they could blacklist her.

Why was Lyddie fired?

Lyddie was fired from her job at the factory because she saw Mr. Marsden trying to assault Brigid. She was not surprised that he would do this, since he had done the same thing to her. When she was sick with a fever, he had tried to kiss her.

What happened to Lyddie at the end of Chapter 21?

In chapter 21, Lyddie has settled into factory life. She has more responsibilities and now watches over the new employees. She helps Brigid, when Mr. Marsden tries to harass her by pouring water onto him.

Why does Lyddie stomp on Marsden’s foot?

She is feeling ill, and without really knowing what she’s doing, she stomps on his foot and escapes back to the boarding house. Lyddie becomes quite ill–probably she has caught the illness Brigid’s mother had from sucking on the same shuttle that Brigid sucks on at the factory.

What page does Lyddie get hurt?

Due to the pace and her near exhaustion, Lyddie gets hurt while working in Chapter 13. She takes a shuttle to the head, gets knocked to the floor, and begins bleeding profusely from her head.

What chapter Lyddie’s mom dies?

Hover for more information. Lyddie finds out that Agnes died in Chapter 12. When the book starts, Agnes is four years old and Lyddie thinks of her as a baby. Their mother decides that she can’t stay at the farm any longer after the bear incident, and takes Rachel and Agnes with her to Lyddie’s uncle’s house.

What happened to Lyddie’s mom?

After Rachel left, Lyddie began to realize that she had to let go of the dream of getting her entire family back together again. Agnes was dead. Charlie and Rachel were adopted, her mother was institutionalized, and no one had heard from her father for years. Then Lyddie got a letter saying that her mother had died.

What led to Lyddie’s dismissal from the mills?

Lyddie is dismissed for stopping Mr. Marsden from what today would be called sexual assault on Brigid. Lyddie is very protective of Brigid, one of the young Irish girls she has trained.

How does the speed up affect Lyddie in Chapter 13?

How does the factory speed-up in Chapter 13 affect Lyddie? She is mentally and physically exhausted. She is worried abut Betsy. She eats more to keep up her energy.

How does the letter from Lyddie’s mother in Chapter 12 affect her?

The letter that Lyddie receives from her mother in Chapter 12 is truly a tragic letter. In the letter, Lyddie learns that her little sister, Agnes, has died and that her mom is in need of more money to help the family.

How does Lyddie respond to her injury in Chapter 13?

Lyddie reacts to her injury in the way she reacts to most things: by thinking about money first. When Lyddie gets hit in the head with the shuttle, she falls to the floor, and Diana rushes to her side. Lyddie says, “The bell ain’t rung yet.” Earlier in this chapter Lyddie has heard Mr.

What happens to Lyddie toward the end of chapter 13?

Lyddie tries to avoid the reality of her own slavery by avoiding Betsy (and Diana as well). To fill the gap, Lyddie throws herself into her work full-throttle. Lyddie is now the crown jewel of the factory and able to operate four looms all by herself.

Who gets sick in Lyddie?

In Chapter 14, Lyddie returns to work before she is fully recovered from being hit by the shuttle. The working conditions at the factory are taking a toll on everyone – Amelia returns home, and Betsy, who has had a terrible cough, gets very sick and must be put in the hopital.

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