How do you plan a CAS project?

How do you plan a CAS project?

These should involve:

  1. real, purposeful activities, with significant outcomes.
  2. personal challenge.
  3. thoughtful consideration, such as planning, reviewing progress, reporting.
  4. reflection on outcomes and personal learning.

How many reflections do you need for CAS?


How do I get rid of CAS experience?

​Navigate to any chosen CAS Experience within your CAS Worksheet. To edit or delete the experience, click Edit Experience or Delete Experience on the right. If you are unable to add reflections or update an experience you must request that your CAS Advisor or Coordinator change the experience status from Completed.

What can I do for creativity for CAS?


  • Take up baking.
  • Take up cooking.
  • Take up vegan cooking.
  • Create a recipe book for your latest bakes.
  • Start a YouTube channel for your cookery.
  • Host a supper club.
  • Take up knitting.
  • Make your own clothes/accessories – check out this video for some inspiration!

What can I do for CAS IB?

Without further ado here are our top 20 CAS project ideas.

  • Start a club! Starting a club at school is not only a great way to meet more of your classmates and make new friends.
  • Beach Clean Up.
  • Support a marathon..
  • Support others in your school.
  • Go Global!
  • Get dancing.
  • Teach others a language.
  • Make a movie.

What are the CAS requirements?

A CAS experience must: • fit within one or more of the CAS strands • be based on a personal interest, skill, talent or opportunity for growth • provide opportunities to develop the attributes of the IB learner profile • not be used or included in the student’s DP course requirements.

What counts as a CAS project?

A CAS project is a collaborative, well-considered series of sequential CAS experiences, engaging students in one or more of the CAS strands of creativity, activity, and service. A CAS project involves collaboration between a group of students or with members of the wider community.

How many CAS reflections do I need 2021?

For your CAS requirement to be considered complete you must; show reflection+evidence that you have PROGRESSED in each of the SEVEN learning outcomes. Many students will choose to have three separate reflections for the beginning, middle, and end showcasing their progress through a particular learning outcome.

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