How do you use Nuka-Cola Quantum?

How do you use Nuka-Cola Quantum?

Nuka-Cola Quantums can be used for:

  1. Speeding up the return time when a dweller is returning from the wasteland or a quest.
  2. Skipping quests.
  3. Rush, and instantly complete the productions of weapon and outfit workshop.
  4. Using them to speed up the time in the barbershop.

How many Nuka-Cola Quantum are there?

108 bottles
Locations. There are 94 bottles found in the base game and 14 additional bottles included with the add-ons; a total of 108 bottles.

Can you refill Nuka Cola bottles?

Uses. Once the Sink has been activated and updated, empty Nuka-Cola bottles can be refilled, turning them into purified water.

Can you make Nuka-Cola in real life?

It’s easy to make this sweet, highly caffeinated beverage. Just combine cream soda, Coca Cola, and Mountain Dew. Or mix together soda with blue energy drinks to make Fallout’s Quantum version of the drink.

Is Nuka-Cola real?

Nuka-Cola is a beverage produced by the United States’ Nuka-Cola Corporation. The product subsequently dominated the market as the most popular American soda.

Is Nuka Cola Quantum Safe?

The formula for this beverage is unknown other than that it was “adjusted” after acquisition by the Nuka-Cola Corporation. Over all the inherent dangers of the beverages are mostly safe, provided the consumer does not imbibe the “glowing” versions in a prewar environment such as Quantum, Quartz, or Victory.

Where can I find Nuka-Cola Quantum?


  1. Kanawha Nuka-Cola plant – One near the back of the factory floor behind a level 1 locked door.
  2. Mount Blair – In the cafeteria area.
  3. The Whitespring Resort – Purchased from Bubbles.
  4. New River Gorge Bridge – Western side, on the lower level.

Where can I buy empty Nuka Cola bottles?

Locations. Vault 101, in the cafeteria. There is one among the several other empty bottles in the Nuka-Cola truck outside Old Olney.

What do you do with empty sunset sarsaparilla bottles?

There are no special uses for any version of this item without add-ons, as it is not used in any quests. Its low value-to-weight ratio makes it impractical for being sold for profit.

Where can I buy Nuka Cola Quantum from? : Nuka Cola Quantum from Fallout Jones Soda | 4 Bottle : Grocery & Gourmet Food Skip to main content .us Hello Select your address Grocery & Gourmet Food

Is this quantum drink worth it?

This Quantum was great. I really enjoyed it. It is a flavor roller coaster really, good and bad. So as you initially drink this, it is very sweet, and you can taste a lot of the different fruit flavors. Aftertaste, not so good. Kind of reminds you of Kool-Aid with bubbles?

How much is a Nuka Cola water bottle worth?

in Soda Soft Drinks 1 offer from $26.99 Fallout Nuka Cola Plastic Water Bottle – 22oz Clear Molded Reusable Hydro Flask With Screw Top Cap – Video Game Fan Collectible Gift For Gamer, Kids, Men, Party, Gym – BPA-Free Soda-Shape Drink Holder 4.6 out of 5 stars 340

What is the best size of Coca Cola bottle to buy?

I recommend getting glass bottles for the best results, in whatever size you prefer (or can get a hold of). I got 330 ml glass Coca Cola bottles, since the Nuka Cola bottles seem to be mostly based on them. By the way, did you guys know that Europe has had a big carbon dioxide shortage this summer?

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