How do you write a This I Believe statement?

How do you write a This I Believe statement?

THIS I BELIEVE ESSAYTell a story about you: Be specific. Be brief: Your statement should be between 500 and 600 words. Name your belief: If you can’t name it in a sentence or two, your essay might not be about belief. Be positive: Write about what you do believe, not what you don’t believe.

What does pandering mean?

a person who furnishes clients for a prostitute or supplies persons for illicit sexual intercourse; procurer; pimp. a person who caters to or profits from the weaknesses or vices of others. a go-between in amorous intrigues.

What is Jerry pandering?

Pandering is the act of expressing one’s views in accordance with the likes of a group to which one is attempting to appeal. In pandering, the views one is expressing are merely for the purpose of drawing support up to and including votes and do not necessarily reflect one’s personal values.

What does ponder mean in a sentence?

verb (used with object) to weigh carefully in the mind; consider thoughtfully: He pondered his next words thoroughly.

What does unmistakable mean?

not capable of being mistaken or misunderstood

What does it mean to ponder over something?

‚Äčto think about something carefully for a period of time synonym consider. ponder over something She pondered over his words.

What’s the definition of weak?

not strong; liable to yield, break, or collapse under pressure or strain; fragile; frail: a weak fortress; a weak spot in armor. lacking in bodily strength or healthy vigor, as from age or sickness; feeble; infirm: a weak old man; weak eyes.

How do you use pondering?

to think about something carefully for a period of time synonym consider ponder (about/on/over something) She pondered over his words. They were left to ponder on the implications of the announcement. ponder something The senator pondered the question for a moment.

What does quaint mean?

having an old-fashioned attractiveness or charm; oddly picturesque: a quaint old house. strange, peculiar, or unusual in an interesting, pleasing, or amusing way: a quaint sense of humor. skillfully or cleverly made.

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