The best sites for badminton news

The best sites for badminton news

Staying up to date on the current affairs of a sport is very useful when you are trying to understand and get a hold of the sport to learn more about it. Reading the current news about the world of badminton will help you have a better understanding of the sport and if you like betting, you will also be able to place well-informed bets on sports matches. If you are a badminton lover and want to be in the loop with the latest activities in the world of badminton, reading about badminton news is the ideal way to do it.

Here is a list of websites to follow for badminton news

Let’s take a small tour on each site.

The best sites for badminton news

The name itself suggests that this website is the ultimate website for all things badminton. It has all the information you will ever need about badminton. This website is where you will find all kinds of badminton-related things like its rules, techniques, basics of how to play, advanced skills guide, shot-making, etc.

This website gives a guide to everything related to badminton. You will find all types of information on this website and they even maintain a list of top blogs to follow, so you can find more of these badminton news blogs on Badminton Shuttle.

NDTV Sports

The best sites for badminton news

NDTV Sports is a good website to follow if you want to stay on top of the current news in the badminton world. There are articles on playing styles of top players and happenings in matches and their analysis which are posted regularly on this website. The website not only gives badminton news but also is an all-rounder in world badminton news coverage.

Badminton Central

Badminton Central is a discussion forum that has become a global community for badminton enthusiasts. Badminton Central has been online for many years and has over time built a community of lovers of the sport. The community gives unbiased and critical opinions on the happenings in the world of badminton. The website has good information such as racket reviews, equipment brand comparisons, beginner guides, etc.

The best sites for badminton news

According to, this website was started by a Malaysian badminton fan, who along with players and coaches provides information on all things related to badminton, be it techniques or equipment or even news on the latest happenings in the sport’s world. It has content on the most basic things like what the sport is, tips for badminton beginners, tactics, and also the mental aspect of the game.


Badzine is a great website for badminton fans to get the latest news. The blog is regularly updated with the recent happenings in the badminton circuit and this gives this sport the exposure it should truly get. The blog was started in 2003 and is now the number 1 badminton news website.

The best sites for badminton news

This is a fairly new blog on badminton online which is updated quite regularly even now. They put up their first article in September 2018. On this website, you will see that there are plenty of articles on strategies, tactics, fitness, equipment, badminton news, etc. They also have relevant videos on the website which helps you understand the techniques better.

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