What is Ohio House bill 86?

What is Ohio House bill 86?

In 2011, the Ohio legislature passed HB 86, which made a number of changes designed to reduce the number of people entering prison for low-level offenses and proba- tion violations.

What is the Ohio House bill 262?

The bill authorizes a person convicted of a prostitution-related offense to apply for expungement of the record of conviction if the person’s participation in the offense was a result of being a victim of human trafficking, and requires the applicant, unless indigent, pay a $50 fee.

What is House bill 64 Ohio?

H.B. 64 includes an additional 6.3 percent reduction in the personal income tax rate for all tax brackets beginning in tax year 2015. The bill also includes a 35-cent tax increase on cigarettes, bringing Ohio’s per-pack tax rate to $1.60.

What is the purpose of House bill No 332?

– The purposes of this Act are: (A) To strengthen the partnership between the national government and local government units; (B) To end the imposition, in the absence of full consideration by Congress, of mandates on local government units in a manner that may displace other essential local government priorities.

What is an aggregate sentence?

The aggregated sentencing law allows an inmate to “opt-in” to sentence aggregation and have consecutive sentences aggregated into one sentence for the purpose of parole eligibility and sentence expiration.

What is Ohio’s Safe Harbor law?

According to Ohio’s Safe Harbor law passed in 2012, minors under the age of 16 do not need to prove that they were compelled to engage in commercial sexual activity; they are automatically considered victims of child sex trafficking.

What is an aggregate sentence in Ohio?

When consecutive jail terms or sentences of imprisonment and prison terms are imposed for one or more misdemeanors and one or more felonies under this division, the term to be served is the aggregate of the consecutive terms imposed, and the offender shall serve all terms imposed for a felony before serving any term …

What does aggregate sentence mean in Ohio?

What is a vacatur in law?

Definition. Latin for “it is vacated.” A rule or order that sets aside a judgment or annuls a proceeding.

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