What is the first paragraph of a story called?

What is the first paragraph of a story called?

In newspaper writing, the first paragraph that summarizes or introduces the story is also called the “blurb paragraph”, “teaser text” or, in the United Kingdom, the “standfirst”. Leads in essays summarize the outline of the argument and conclusion that follows in the main body of the essay.

How do you expand a paragraph?

  1. Ways to Expand (& Improve) an Essay.
  2. Expand individual paragraphs.
  3. Ask how and why questions.
  4. Add (more) concrete examples and evidence.
  5. Expand the introduction and/or conclusion.
  6. Add a sentence or two at the end of each paragraph summarizing (and/or refuting) the.
  7. Write new paragraphs.

How do you answer an extended response question?

To understand and answer the extended response question, the easiest way is to memorize the acronym “RACE” – this stands for restate, answer, cite and explain.

How do you expand your ideas?

10 ways to expand your creative possibilities: The Free Thinking Method

  1. Open your mind: Consider your first reaction when faced with a new idea.
  2. PIBs: Build and refine ideas with a simple process.
  3. Absurdity reigns: If it makes you laugh, pursue it further.

How do you write an extended response in English?


  1. Make sure each of the points you are making are relevant to the question.
  2. Write your introduction.
  3. Write the main body of your extended response, making sure each point gets a new paragraph and has evidence supporting it.
  4. Write the conclusion to the extended response.
  5. Correctly reference quotes and other sources.

What makes an engaging opening?

First impressions count. The opening lines of a story need to engage the reader so that they keep reading. Narrative hooks work to capture the reader’s attention – like a worm on a fishing hook attracts a fish. Establishing an unusual narrative voice or opening with dialogue can also be effective.

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