What is the memory unit of computer?

What is the memory unit of computer?

Memory unit is the amount of data that can be stored in the storage unit. This storage capacity is expressed in terms of Bytes.

What is memory unit in Short answer?

The memory unit is a component of a computer system. It is used to store data, instructions and information. It is also known as a principal/primary/internal memory.

What is memory unit and types?

Memory consists of four types of memory chips RAM, ROM, CMOS and flash. RAM stand for random access memory and ROM stand for read only memory. These are also called primary memory of a computer.

What is smallest unit of memory?

A byte is the smallest unit of memory used in today’s computing. Bytes consist of eight bits, and a byte is used to encode a single number, letter, or symbol.

What is memory unit Wikipedia?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Memory unit may refer to: A computer memory component or device. Xbox 360 accessories, flash-based memory devices called memory units.

What is the function of memory unit?

Memory or Storage Unit This unit can store instructions, data, and intermediate results. This unit supplies information to other units of the computer when needed. It is also known as internal storage unit or the main memory or the primary storage or Random Access Memory (RAM).

What is the biggest unit of memory?

Generally, Zettabyte is used to measure the large amounts of data and all the data in the world is just a few zettabytes. One yottabyte is equal to 1, 000 zettabytes. It is the largest SI unit of memory measurement.

What is the smallest unit of memory?

What is memory write the types of memory?

Memory Basics Computer memory is of two basic type – Primary memory(RAM and ROM) and Secondary memory(hard drive,CD,etc.). Random Access Memory (RAM) is primary-volatile memory and Read Only Memory (ROM) is primary-non-volatile memory.

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