What is the purpose of an approach slab?

What is the purpose of an approach slab?

Approach slabs serve to reduce the step which can result from settlement of approach embankments caused by consolidation of embankment fills and the underlying material. The smooth transition provided by approach slabs reduces dynamic vehicle loads on bridges.

How box culvert is constructed?

Box Culvert Wall Reinforcement: Vertical rods shall be provided with required overlaps as per construction drawings. Efforts shall be made to minimize overlaps. Horizontals shall be tied in position. Concrete cover shall be provided by Concrete cover blocks tied with reinforcement as required.

How thick is an approach slab?

It is unlikely that approach slabs will fail structurally because of their thickness (typically 15-inches) and the large amount of reinforcing steel in the bottom.

What is bridge slab?

Slab bridges are monolithic, flat concrete beams (slabs) with twisted or roughened reinforcing steel rods concentrated in the lower portion and at either end of the slab, where tensile forces and sheer are the greatest. The amount of steel and depth of the slab are based on its length and live-load capacity.

What is bridge approach road?

At bridge approaches where the embankments were constructed over soft ground, the ground would settle during the course of construction and continue to settle after completion of the work.

What is an approach bridge?

Approach. The part of the bridge that carries traffic from the land to the main parts of the bridge. Approach Span. The span or spans connecting the abutment with the main span or spans.

What are the components of box culvert?

The main components of a box culvert are single or multiple concrete boxes, pipes, a top deck slab, and supporting parts. (see Figure-3). Reinforced concrete and steel. Concrete, steel, plastic, aluminum, and high-density polyethylene.

What is slab culvert?

Slab culvert, also known as bridge culverts, can be three-sided, or simply a deck slab embedded in the soil on either side, providing a bridge over the distance. 2. A box culvert may be constructed with a single box, or multiple box cells placed side by side.

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