What procedures would you follow if a tornado occurred at school?

What procedures would you follow if a tornado occurred at school?

If at work or school: Go to the area designated in your tornado plan. This is usually the most interior room, on the lowest floor without windows. Avoid places with wide-span roofs such as auditoriums, cafeterias, large hallways, or shopping malls.

What are the four procedures for severe weather drills in the high school building?

Perhaps the most important part in this process is being ready BEFORE severe weather strikes.

  • Educate yourself.
  • Develop an Action Plan.
  • Practice and Review Your Action Plan.
  • Source of Weather Information.
  • Other Preparation Ideas.

How do you prepare for a tornado warning?

Go to the basement or an inside room without windows on the lowest floor (bathroom, closet, center hallway). If possible, avoid sheltering in a room with windows. For added protection get under something sturdy (a heavy table or workbench). Cover your body with a blanket, sleeping bag or mattress.

Should classroom doors be closed during a tornado?

In the section of your building that’s hit by the maximum winds of a tornado, it won’t make any difference if the windows are open or closed. It is far more important to have the doors and vents between classrooms and corridors open.

What are the four danger signs when there is an approaching tornado?

Warning signs of a potential tornado Severe thunderstorms, with frequent thunder and lightning. An extremely dark sky, sometimes highlighted by green or yellow clouds. A rumbling sound or a whistling sound. A funnel cloud at the rear base of a thundercloud, often behind a curtain of heavy rain or hail.

How do you respond to a tornado?

Go to a safe shelter immediately, such as a safe room, basement, storm cellar or a small interior room on the lowest level of a sturdy building. Stay away from windows, doors, and outside walls. Do not go under an overpass or bridge. You’re safer in a low, flat location.

How can kids prepare for tornadoes?

Make sure you know which county or parish you live in. Prepare a disaster supplies kit for your home and car. Include a first aid kit, canned food and a can opener, bottled water, battery-operated radio, flashlight, protective clothing and written instructions on how to turn off electricity, gas, and water.

What do you do in an earthquake drill at school?

In the event of an earthquake, the students and teachers that are in their classrooms are to get under their desks, cover their heads with one arm, and hold onto the desk with their other arm. If the students are outside, they are to get on their hands and knees and stay away from the buildings and trees.

How do kids prepare for a tornado drill?

Meet with staff first, and make sure everyone knows the safest way to reach the safety area, avoiding glass windows and doors. Do a walk-through, and post diagrams in prominent locations. Make sure your plan includes securing vital documents such as parent contact information.

What should you do if you are in a tornado?

Tornado Procedures If you are under a tornado WARNING, seek shelter immediately! If in a structure (e.g. residence, small building, school, nursing home, hospital, factory, shopping center, high-rise building): Go to a pre-designated shelter area such as a safe room, basement, storm cellar, or the lowest building level.

What should I do if there is an earthquake on campus?

Also, notify your local Campus Facilities Services or Physical Plant Offices of damage and your departmental administrative office. If in a vehicle, get out and seek shelter in a sturdy building. If a building is not available, lying flat in a depression such as a ditch or a ravine offers some protection.

What is an emergency action plan for tornadoes?

Though Emergency Action Plans primarily involve evacuations, emergency planning for tornadoes involve identifying safe places of refuge for workers to go to in the event of tornadoes.

What should I do if there is a thunderstorm on campus?

Severe thunderstorms are occurring. Keep people indoors and away from windows until the severe storm passes. If you are outside, seek shelter immediately. Report injuries and damage on campus to the IU Police Department at 911 (9-911 will also work from an on-campus phone).

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