What sizes do chimney caps come in?

What sizes do chimney caps come in?

With masonry (at least here in the Kansas City Metro) the common sizes are 8 by 8, 8 by 13, 13 by 13, 8 by 17, and 13 by 17. Now they do make one size caps that fit all but they do not work properly, they’re a poor fit. My suggestion: get someone at the top of your chimney that knows how to measure for chimney caps.

Does a flue need a cap?

Although a chimney will function without a chimney cap, it’s best to have one. Without a chimney cap, rain, snow, or other detritus can enter your chimney unhampered, causing damage to your house. It also keeps embers from escaping the chimney, preventing roof fires.

What is the difference between a chimney cap and a rain cap?

A rain cap, a chimney cover or an animal guard is something that mounts over the top of the flue. It helps to keep rain and animals out. While you can get a cover made out of ordinary steel, don’t. You absolutely want a stainless steel chimney cover because the other ones rust.

How do you cap a chimney flue?

How to Cap a Chimney Instructions

  1. Measure the flue.
  2. Select a chimney cap that fits the flue.
  3. Slide the cap over the flue or insert into flue depending on design of cap.
  4. Leave at least 6 inches of space between top of cap and flue edge.
  5. The cap should come with self-tapping screws.

How do I keep birds out of my chimney cap?

Installing a chimney cover is the best and easiest solution to stop birds from nesting in your chimney….Chimney caps can become more effective with additional options, such as:

  1. Bird spikes.
  2. Scare owls (i.e. scarecrows)
  3. Chimney cowls.
  4. Sound or chemical bird repellent.

What makes a good chimney cap?

A properly sized chimney cap should not interfere with draft. Draft is that which controls how well smoke is drawn up and out of your chimney. The lid of the cap should be at least 5” above the top of the any flue tiles it is covering. Having more clearance than 5” is a good idea.

Are stainless steel chimney caps worth it?

Stainless steel chimney caps generally come with a lifetime warranty, making them a best value. Galvanized steel chimney caps are cheaper, but last only a few years before rusting out in most parts of the US. However in dry areas like the Southwest, they may last for many years.

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