Who do I give the Dalish gloves to?

Who do I give the Dalish gloves to?

A gift version can be given to Zevran (he automatically equips it) for +10 approval (with diminishing returns).

Where can I find Dalish gloves in Dragon Age Origins?

West Brecilian Forest
Acquisition. Chest at the abandoned campsite behind the Grand Oak in West Brecilian Forest.

Where do I find the Dalish gloves for Zevran?

In particular, he likes the Antivan Leather Boots, found in the Iron Chest in the Village of Haven, and the Dalish Gloves, found in a chest in West Brecilian Forest. Talking to Zevran about his past will unlock the Assassin specialization, too.

Is the lady Witherfang?

Dragon Age: Origins. She is the very spirit of the forest itself, bound to the body of a silver wolf—the legendary Witherfang. However, none of the Werewolves address her as such (they simply say “our Lady” or “the Lady”).

Who was andraste?

Andraste is the prophet whose teachings later served as the foundation of both the Orlesian Chantry and Imperial Chantry. Andrastianism has since become the dominant religion in Thedas, believed by many to be the spiritual wife of the Maker.

How do I get Zathrian to lift the curse?

LIFTING THE CURSE: Start off by talking to the Gatekeeper (M46, 4) and agree to have a meeting with Lady of the Forest (M46, 5). During this conversation you’ll have to convince the leader of the beasts that she should invite Zathrian for a peace meeting and to ask him to lift the curse.

What happens if you side with the werewolves in Dragon Age Origins?

The elves are not cured. Side with the elves and the werewolves. The curse is lifted and the werewolves become human. The elves are cured, will honour the treaties, and will help battle the Blight.

Can you save Athras wife?

His wife, Danyla, can be found in the East Brecilian Forest, at the location given on our map above. There, you’ll find Danyla in Werewolf form; Athras’ instincts were indeed correct, for his wife has been bitten and already has begun to turn. As a result, Danyla can never be turned back to her human form again.

Can you give Dalish gloves to Antivan?

He is also one of only two characters to automatically make use of the gifts you give him. Once you give him the Dalish Gloves and the Antivan Leather Boots, he will equip them, which might ruin any armor set bonuses he was receiving.

How do I get to the Dalish Elves?

When you reach the end of the Werewolves’ Lair, you’ll be taken before the werewolves’ leaders. Persuade them during the conversation to attack the Dalish Elves camp. You’ll need to have the skill Expert Coercion (14 Cunning) to pull this off. Anything less, and they won’t believe you. Once you convince them, you’ll be taken the Elves camp.

What is the final piece of DLC for Dragon Age Origins?

Witch Hunt is the final piece of DLC available for Dragon Age: Origins and the final DLC where you will use your created character from the main game, but again in a separate campaign. There is generally more of the same achievements from the previous DLCs, with a collectibles achievement, two story related ones and a difficulty related one.

What is Dragon Age Origins?

Welcome to Dragon Age: Origins. This is a 3rd person RPG that takes you on the journey of a Grey Warden. This road map will be written for those who wish to max out this game as quickly as possible.

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