Who narrated the Cat Who series?

Who narrated the Cat Who series?

Lilian Jackson Braun – Audio Books, Best Sellers, Author Bio | Audible.com.

Does the Cat Who series need to be read in order?

The Cat Who novels are quirky and engaging, highlighting the everyday realities of small-town life. You don’t need to read the series in order, as Qwilleran and his two cat sidekicks are always sniffing out some new trouble.

What is the last book in The Cat Who series?

The Cat Who Had 60 Whiskers
The series began in 1966 with “The Cat Who Could Read Backwards” and concluded in 2007 with “The Cat Who Had 60 Whiskers,” its 29th volume.

Where are the cat who books set?

The books became perennial New York Times bestsellers, beloved by cat and mystery lovers alike. The familiar setting for most of the tales took place in a fictional town of Pickax, in Moose County — a town modeled after Bad Axe, Mich., where Mrs. Bettinger and her husband lived until the mid-1980s.

How many cat who books did Lilian Jackson Braun write?

Ms. Braun wrote 31 books (2 collections of short stories and 29 the Cat Who books). Dutton published her first book, The Cat Who Could Read Backwards, in 1966.

Will the cat who smelled smoke ever be published?

Sadly, The Cat Who Smelled Smoke, has been cancelled. The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern (1967) and The Cat Who Turned On and Off (1968) quickly followed her first novel. However, the publisher wanted mysteries with plenty of sex and carnage.

How did qwilleran get Yum Yum?

Her history is fully explained in The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern, but it can be summed up rather briefly. Qwilleran got Yum Yum as a kitten from the Taits, rich folk who did not treat Yum Yum properly and did not even truly decide on her name. Mr. Tait, a jade collector, named her Yu after a variety of jade, while Mrs.

What reading level is the Cat Who series?

ATOS Book Level: 5.7
Word Count: 49371
Fiction/Nonfiction Fiction
Topic – Subtopic: Animals-Cats; Arts-Painting; Mysteries-Murder;
Series: Cat Who…;

What is the best the cat who book?

The Cat Who Books in Order

  • #1The Cat Who Could Read Backwards.
  • #2The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern.
  • #3The Cat Who Turned On And Off.
  • #4The Cat Who Saw Red.
  • #5The Cat Who Played Brahms.
  • #6The Cat Who Played Post Office.
  • #7The Cat Who Knew Shakespeare.
  • #8 The Cat Who Went Underground.

Was The Cat Who Smelled smoke ever published?

This book has not been published and its future publication status is unclear.

Is Lilian Jackson Braun still living?

June 4, 2011Lilian Jackson Braun / Date of death


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