How do I access Powerschool Wcpss?

How do I access Powerschool Wcpss?

PowerSchool Login

  1. Students log into the student portal via NCEdCloud –
  2. Parents log into the parent portal where they create their own username and password –
  3. Teachers log into PowerTeacher at

How do I find my Wcpss student ID?

Look Up Single Student Visit

What is the Wake County Powerschool district code?

Once your account is set-up, you can also use the Powerschool application on your phone (District code: KNDW).

What does E1 mean in Powerschool?

Final Exam for Semester
E1 represents Final Exam for Semester 1. Q1, Q2, etc represent individual marking period grades that fall within the semesters.

What is the attendance policy at Dare County Schools?

Students must attend at least two-thirds (2/3) of class to be counted as present in that class. Any student who misses more than five (5) days for any reason in any semester class or ten (10) days in any year-long class has exceeded the Dare County attendance regulation requirements.

How do I access my WCPSS email?

Accordion Item 1: Where do I go to check my email? Log in to the WakeID Portal at and select the Outlook email icon. If Outlook prompts you to select a time zone, select (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada).

How do I log into Wake ID?

Prior to logging in, all staff must claim their WakeID. Once claimed, use these credentials to log into the WakeID Portal at Use the WakeID Portal to access multiple WCPSS provided applications such as Google and Canvas. Clear your browser cache if you do not see the new WakeID Portal changes.

How do I set up PowerSchool app?

Open the PowerSchool Mobile app. On the Sign In screen, tap Where’s My District Code. Select Enter Server Address provided by your school district. Enter the PowerSchool server address in the field provided, and then tap Submit.

Why is the PowerSchool app not working?

If you are experiencing this issue, here are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot. Uninstall the app and then restart your phone. Re-install the app by downloading the app from the App Store/Google Play Store. Once the app is installed open the app and it should land in the page which asks for the District Code.

Where is Wcpss bus app?

The WCPSS Here Comes the Bus App is Now Available! HCTB allows you to know when the bus is near your stop. You can sign up for Here Comes the Bus at You will need the district code and your student’s ID number to sign up. The WCPSS school code is 67500.

How do you login to Here Comes the Bus?

Logging In to Here Comes the Bus

  1. Open Here Comes the Bus from your list of apps.
  2. Tap in the Email field and type the email address you used when creating your account.
  3. Tap in the School District Code field and type your district’s code, which is usually a five-digit number.

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