How do you get the wallet in Wind Waker?

How do you get the wallet in Wind Waker?

To obtain the Biggest Wallet, Link can sail over to Northern Fairy Island and head inside the shell. Speak with the fairy inside to receive the second and final wallet upgrade, which will allow Link to hold up to 5,000 rupees.

How do you get the 300 rupee wallet in Ocarina of Time?

Wallets in Ocarina of Time are obtained through the House of Skulltula in Kakariko Village. Once Link collects 10 Gold Skulltula Tokens, the first child will be freed from the curse and will give Link the Adult’s Wallet as thanks. The Adult’s Wallet increases Link’s Rupee capacity from 99 to 200.

Where can I farm rupees in Wind Waker?

Dragon Roost Island – F2

  • 50 rupees – If you can communicate with Tingle (or by using a bomb), in a room under a big rock, south on the map.
  • 200 rupees – Shoot an arrow (or use a seagull) at the line of bombs hanging in the air, west on the map.
  • 200 rupees – Inside a sunken treasure chest east of the main island.

Where are all the bottles in Wind Waker?

There are four regular glass Bottles, or Empty Bottles, in the game, but only one is required to finish the game. Still, Bottles are very helpful because they can hold a variety of things to aid you on your quest. Locations: Dragon Roost Island (F-2), Bomb Isle (F-5), Rock Spire Isle (B-3), Windfall Island.

How do I get to the fairy fountain on Outset Island?

Outset Island[edit] Play the Wind’s Requiem to make the wind blow west, equip your Deku Leaf and jump off the rock and glide with the leaf to the other side. Enter the mini-forest and find the Fairy Fountain which is blocked by a giant rock (look for the rock). Blow it up with a bomb and drop into the hole.

Where is rock spire island?

the Great Sea
Rock Spire Isle is an island located in the Great Sea, one sector South of the Mother and Child Isles. It is described by its long narrow shape with three large Boulders on three “spires.”

How do you get the hookshot in Wind Waker?

Pull out the Skull Hammer and smash him with it, killing him instantly. Defeat the other enemies in the room and the battle will end. Open the chest that appears for the dungeon item, the Hookshot. Take it out and point the item at the target on the wall above the platform on the northern wall.

How do you get the first wallet in Wind Waker 2?

The first wallet will be available to Link immediately upon beginning the game at Outset Island. In the original release of the game it will hold up to 200 rupees. In The Wind Waker HD, it will instead hold 500 rupees to start. High above Outset Island, Link can the Deku Leaf to float over to the Forest of Fairies since the bridge is now broken.

What upgrades does link get in the Wind Waker?

In The Wind Waker there are essentially five sets of upgrades that Link can obtain to several items he obtains throughout the game. These include upgrades to: the Quiver, Bomb Bag, Wallet, and Magic Meter.

How do you get the 5000 rupees wallet in Zelda 2?

Speak with the fairy inside to receive the second and final wallet upgrade, which will allow Link to hold up to 5,000 rupees. The Magic Meter is acquired after Link obtains the Deku Leaf atop the Great Deku Tree in the Forest Haven.

How many wallets do you keep in the Zelda games?

In The Legend of Zelda, A Link to the Past, Link’s Awakening, the Oracle games, A Link Between Worlds, and Tri Force Heroes, only one Wallet is kept throughout the course of the game and is, in fact, not even mentioned. This is also the same with Freshly-Picked Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland.

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