What are the two requirements for discipleship?

What are the two requirements for discipleship?


  • Decide to follow Jesus.
  • Deny yourself.
  • Die daily.
  • Direction.
  • Do what Jesus commanded.
  • Devotion to Christ must be far greater than to family members or anybody else.
  • Devotion to Christ must be far greater than your life itself.
  • Determine/count the cost and accept it.

What are the element of discipleship?

Discipleship calls for our undivided attention and commitment to follow the commands of our Lord. Discipleship is not an option for any church or believer. Christ mandated it in the Great Commission. To disciple others is to obey our Lord’s command; to do otherwise is to disobey Him.

How can we disciple others?

Walk through the Bible and a discipleship resource with one another. Challenge each other. Learn from each other. Hold each other accountable.

What are symbols of discipleship?

The yoke and the cross are twin symbols of the Christian life. “The cross speaks of leaving the world for Christ; the yoke speaks of learning in the world from Christ. The one speaks of sacrifice; the other service. The disciple must bear both; he cannot choose to take one and leave the other” (The Prairie Overcomer).

What are the marks of a true disciple?

The 7 Marks of a Healthy Disciple

  • Introducing others to Jesus.
  • Praying: our primary work.
  • Stewarding resources generously.
  • Knowing & Obeying God’s Word.
  • Completing the Great Commission.
  • Depending on the Holy Spirit’s empowering.
  • Taking Faith-Filled risks.

What are discipleship lessons?

Learning to love people as God loves them is an essential lesson on discipleship from the Bible. We see this by looking at the life of Jesus. Jesus’ life was clearly marked by His love for His disciples. When He taught them about God, He always taught with the desire for them to know and love God more.

How can I become a good disciple?

How to Be a Disciple of Christ

  1. Let us be humble; let us pray to our Father in Heaven with all our heart and express our desire to draw close to Him and learn of Him.
  2. Have faith.
  3. Seek and you will find.
  4. Serve the Lord by serving others.
  5. Become an active participant in your ward or branch.

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