What can I do with a ton of avocado?

What can I do with a ton of avocado?

Here, we rounded up 8 of the very best ways to save your overripe avocado from the compost pile.

  1. Add them to scrambled eggs.
  2. Whip up a batch of uber-moist brownies.
  3. Fry up some crispy plant-based fritters.
  4. Make a rich and creamy salad dressing.
  5. Make drool-worthy chocolate pudding.
  6. Cook up creamy pasta sauce.

Can avocado be cooked?

Cooking with Avocado Avocados are most often eaten raw, chopped up in a salad, spread on toast or made into guacamole. This is because they can very quickly become bitter once heated. Don’t be afraid to cook avocados, however, as they are delicious when cooked ‘just right.

What is the best way to cook avocado?

Avocados can also be grilled, making them a great side dish, especially for barbecued meats. Simply cut an avocado in half and remove the seed. Drizzle the halves with lemon juice and brush them with olive oil. Place the cut side down on the grill and cook for 2–3 minutes.

How to make avocado pasta in 15 minutes?

Cook the pasta until al dente. Drain when done,but don’t rinse.

  • Make the sauce by adding the avocado,cilantro,shallots,garlic,maple syrup,vegan cream cheese,salt,cumin and lemon juice to a blender or food processor. Blend until very smooth.
  • In a bowl or pan,add the sauce to the pasta and mix together well.
  • How to make creamy and delicious avocado spread?

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    Can you keep avocado pasta from Browning?

    Place the avocado in a bowl of boiling water

  • Place a ripe avocado in a pot of boiling water quickly.
  • Leave the avocado in the water for exactly 10 seconds and then remove it,else the avocado will start to cook,no less,the enzyme is not destroyed.
  • Immediately drop into the icy water
  • How to make creamy pasta?

    Place your boiled water into a pot on high heat and once your water is boiling place your pasta in the water and cook for 10-15 minutes or until your

  • Heat your oil on medium heat and fry your onions for about 5 minutes continuously stirring.
  • Add your curry powder,sweet basil,mixed herb,Aromat and a pinch of salt to your onions.
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