What happened in book 12 of The Odyssey?

What happened in book 12 of The Odyssey?

Summary: Book 12 Odysseus returns to Aeaea, where he buries Elpenor and spends one last night with Circe. She describes the obstacles that he will face on his voyage home and tells him how to negotiate them. As he sets sail, Odysseus passes Circe’s counsel on to his men.

Who is Odysseus telling his book to in 12?

Then Odysseus interrupts his own story to tell Alcinous that he would like to go to sleep, but Alcinous tells him no. In book twelve Odysseus continues the tale of what happened after he left the underworld. He returned to Circe, pleased with his journey, who told Odysseus what he would encounter next.

Who are the characters in The Odyssey book 12?


  • Telemachus.
  • Penelope.
  • Athena.
  • Zeus.
  • What book in The Odyssey is Scylla and Charybdis?

    Book XII
    Scylla and Charybdis, in Greek mythology, two immortal and irresistible monsters who beset the narrow waters traversed by the hero Odysseus in his wanderings described in Homer’s Odyssey, Book XII. They were later localized in the Strait of Messina.

    How is Helen portrayed in The Odyssey?

    In “The Odyssey”, Helen is shown as living happily with Menelaus after he brought her back from Sparta. She is portrayed as an intelligent person who sees things for what they truly are, but is mostly reserved to wifely duties.

    What book does Odysseus return home?

    The Odyssey Books 13-15 Summary. Book thirteen starts with the Phaecians giving Odysseus many gifts and returning him home safely to Ithaca. However, on their return home, Poseidon is angry that they helped Odysseus, so he turns their boat to stone and kills them. Odysseus is amazed to finally be home.

    What are the adventures of Odysseus?

    Odysseus was a Greek hero famed for his intellect and cunning. He created the plan to sack the city of Troy using a giant hollow horse. He is also famous for his long odyssey, or journey, trying to return home after the events of the Trojan War. Odysseus is one of the most well-known of the early Greek heroes.

    How many adventures of Odysseus are there?

    The 12 Adventures of Odysseus.

    What makes Odysseus a hero in Book 12?

    Throughout Book 12 Odysseus uses his Homeric Hero traits to help him on his journey home. Using these traits he will be able to regain his kingdom using intelligence, his ability to make important decisions, using his superhuman strength, and receiving help from the immortal gods.

    What happens in Book 12 of the Odyssey?

    The Odyssey Book 12 Summary & Analysis. Before Odysseus and his men depart, Circe told Odysseus that he must pass the island of the Sirens, who will try to lure the men to their deaths with their songs. She advised that Odysseus put beeswax in the men’s ears, and that they tie Odysseus to the mast if he insisted on hearing the Sirens’ songs.

    What is Charybdis in the Odyssey?

    No more than an arrow shot away is Charybdis, a monster whirlpool that swallows everything near it three times a day. If the Greeks survive these terrors, they will meet the most dangerous test of all: the temptation of the island (Thrinacia) of the Sungod Helios.

    How does Odysseus get past Scylla and Charybdis?

    Getting past Scylla and Charybdis calls for ultimate leadership on the part of Odysseus. Not only must he exercise proper judgment, but he must also recognize that, even if things go well, he still loses six good men. Following Circe’s advice, he avoids the whirlpool (Charybdis) and tries the side of the six-headed monster (Scylla).

    What does Circe chastise Odysseus for his stubbornness?

    Odysseus asked if he can escape Charybdis and fight off Scylla, but Circe chastised Odysseus for his stubbornness: Scylla is immortal and can’t be defeated.

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