What is Ws2tcpip?

What is Ws2tcpip?

The Ws2tcpip. h header file contains definitions introduced in the WinSock 2 Protocol-Specific Annex document for TCP/IP that includes newer functions and structures used to retrieve IP addresses. Stdio. h is used for standard input and output, specifically the printf() function.

What is socket return?

The socket() function shall create an unbound socket in a communications domain, and return a file descriptor that can be used in later function calls that operate on sockets. The socket() function takes the following arguments: domain. Specifies the communications domain in which a socket is to be created.

Where is winsock2h?

Upon inspecting the Windows 10 SDK, winsock2. h is located within the include/um folder.

What is Invalid_socket?

INVALID_SOCKET is used for functions which return a SOCKET , which a pointer (much like a HANDLE ). On 32-bit systems it will be a 32-bit value, while on 64-bit systems it will be a 64-bit value. When properly cast to an integer of equivalent size, that will be the same as -1 .

What is the wsastartup function?

The WSAStartup function must be the first Windows Sockets function called by an application or DLL. It allows an application or DLL to specify the version of Windows Sockets required and retrieve details of the specific Windows Sockets implementation.

What is wversionrequested in wsastartup?

This is the same value as the wVersion member when the version requested in the wVersionRequested parameter passed to the WSAStartup function is the highest version of the Windows Sockets specification that the Ws2_32.dll can support. The maximum number of sockets that may be opened.

Which version of the Windows Sockets specification does wsastartuppasses support?

The caller of WSAStartuppasses in the wVersionRequestedparameter the highest version of the Windows Sockets specification that the application supports. The Winsock DLL indicates the highest version of the Windows Sockets specification that it can support in its response.

How many c++ (cpp) wsastartup examples are there?

C++ (Cpp) WSAStartup – 30 examples found. These are the top rated real world C++ (Cpp) examples of WSAStartup extracted from open source projects. You can rate examples to help us improve the quality of examples.

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