When did AMD FX-9590 come out?

When did AMD FX-9590 come out?

AMD’s flagship FX Series processor is the FX-9590 Eight-Core CPU that came out during the summer of 2013. This processor was a beast when it came out as it had 8-cores along with a 220W TDP rating, a 4.7 GHz base clock and a turbo clock of 5.0 GHz.

Is the fx8300 good?

The product is highly rated for its value, meaning its total efficient is high per the cost to the consumer. The FX-8300 does three things very well. Gaming, video/audio encoding, and parallel tasks such as desktop or work productivity apps.

What socket is AMD FX-9590?

Socket AM3+
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CPU Socket Type CPU Socket Type Socket AM3+
# of Cores # of Cores 8-Core
Operating Frequency Operating Frequency 4.7 GHz
L2 Cache L2 Cache 8MB
Manufacturing Tech Manufacturing Tech 32nm

Does AMD FX 8300 have integrated graphics?

This processor does not have integrated graphics, you will need a separate graphics card. Hardware virtualization is available on the FX-8300, which greatly improves virtual machine performance.

What new speed barrier makes the AMD FX 9590 Famous?

What new speed barrier makes the AMD FX-9590 Famous? The FX-9590 claims a clock speed of 5GHz in turbo mode, making it the “world’s first commercially available 5GHz CPU processor,” while the FX-9370 lags slightly behind at 4.7GHz, as compared to the 4.2GHz top speed of the current FX-8350.

Which AMD processor has 8 cores and runs at 4.7 GHz?

FX 9590
AMD 9590 Overview The 8-Core FX 9590 4.7 GHz Processor from AMD is an eight-core desktop processor with 8MB L2 and 8MB L3 cache. It is capable of handling multiple intensive apps and features a speed frequency of 4.7 GHz to 5.0 GHz.

How good is the AMD FX-9590 at 5GHz?

The FX-9590 is at the top of the heap much like Intel’s Extreme Edition parts. Equipped with a clock speed of 4.7GHz, with a boost clock speed of 5GHz, the FX-9590 is the first 5GHz part to roll out of anyone’s doors. AMD’s FX-9370 is rated to run at 4.4GHz with a turbo boost frequency of up to 4.7GHz in lightly threaded applications.

Does the AMD FX-9590 need liquid cooling?

(The liquid-cooling needs are due to its 220-watt thermal design power, or TDP, rating, which is more than 2.5 times that of similar-performing Intel chips.) The FX-9590 equation changed, however, in mid-2014, when AMD decided to drop the chip’s price precipitously, to a much more reasonable $229.99 MSRP.

What is the TDP of the AMD FX-9370?

AMD’s FX-9370 is rated to run at 4.4GHz with a turbo boost frequency of up to 4.7GHz in lightly threaded applications. With clock speeds this high, AMD has raised the TDP from the FX-8350’s 125W to a full 220W on both the FX-9590 and FX-9370.

Why is the 990fx so hard to get?

The bad news is that they were extremely hard to get at the time due to only a handful of processors being able successfully hit those speeds not to mention only a handful of AMD 990FX boards supported a 220W TDP processor and you needed water cooling.

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